ANDREAS VOLLENWEIDER has recorded quiet tracks for his first novel

2. November 2020

Andreas Vollenweider

ANDREAS VOLLENWEIDER hat zu seinem ersten Roman in sich ruhende Tracks eingespielt

"Air" from 2009 was his last album release so far. After that it became quiet around the harpist, who - quite unusual for this instrument - even entered the US charts in the eighties. The Swiss nature lover with the angel hair never really could be classified. If you put him in the New Age range in the States, his incredibly positive, almost exclusively instrumental music always seemed too versatile and demanding for such a categorization and rather covers a range between world music, pop, jazz and neo-classic. Now he is back with the contemplative disc "Quiet Places", which is influenced by his novel "Im Spiegel der Venus".

eclipsed: Why did it take so long with a new album?

Andreas Vollenweider: One of the most important reasons was that I dared to write

eclipsed: What is your book about?

Vollenweider: It may sound complicated, but I chose the form of the novel to make it entertaining. The theme: How does reality come about? Where does it begin? Where we can touch it or much earlier? This question has haunted me all my life (laughs). I needed the longer break to be able to really go into depth there.

eclipsed: And the plot of the novel?

Vollenweider: It's about a young musician, almost still a child, an Argentinean, who can touch people very deeply on his cello. The vibrations he triggers can lead to the healing of serious illnesses, because the body is able to remember a former ideal state. So it is also about the power of music. Since I did not study philosophy, I had to do my own research. So you can't get past a Max Planck who says that there is no matter without the spirit. The state of well-defined quantum entanglement is expressed by musicians who are completely immersed in improvisation. With my cellist I had this on the album: to have the same thought while playing at the same time.

Andreas Vollenweider-Within (LIVE HOME-Mini-Concert) 2020

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