The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 112

17. January 2021


1.TRANSATLANTIC - Reaching For The Sky (5:42)
Album: The Absolute Universe (2021)
Label/Distribution: InsideOut/Sony

With "Reaching For The Sky" from the new magnum opus "The Absolute Universe" TRANSATLANTIC reach for the prog sky. At least the intro reminds of the Focus instrumental "Sylvia", and at the end the album-closer "Love Made A Way" is anticipated. Few bands can pull off such cozy Seventies vibes so skilfully

2.MSG (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP) - Sail The Darkness (3:37)
Album: Immortal (2021)
Label/Distribution: Nuclear Blast/Rough Trade

A good 40 years after the founding of the MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, the German master guitarist proves that he is still a force to be reckoned with. On "Immortal" you are served powerful hard rock, which is presented without frills and which - like on the Dio homage "Sail The Darkness" - is characterized by strong melodies

3.FLEET FOXES - Can I Believe You (3:59)
Album: Shore (2021) (Release: 02/05)
Label/Distribution: Anti-/Indigo

On their fourth album "Shore", the FLEET FOXES offer dreamy choruses and 70s-Westcoast reminiscences, which merge into a charming overall picture. If you listen to the numerous time changes and the beveled bridge of "Can I Believe You", it becomes clear that the guys definitely have the mischief in their neck

4.MOGWAI - Dry Fantasy (5:08)
Album: As The Love Continues (2021) (Release: Feb 19)
Label/Distribution: Rock Action/PIAS/Rough Trade

Herbaceous-electronic sounds caress the ears with the first single of the new album of the Scottish sound painters MOGWAI. While some other songs of the album are swept away by wall-of-sound waves, this number makes you stand relaxed on the beach and enjoy the sunset.

5.THE BESNARD LAKES - Raindrops (edit) (3:30)
Album: The Besnard Lakes Are The Last Of The Great Thunderstorm Warnings (2021)
Label/Distribution: Fulltimehobby/Rough Trade

The death of Talk Talk singer Mark Hollis has touched many people deeply. So also the members of BESNARD LAKES, who pay tribute to the Brit with "Raindrops". An emotional, atmospheric journey that not only penetrates deep into the listener with this song and makes him walk between tears and a big smile.

6.REFLECTION CLUB - The Foray Of The Sharks (5:50)
Album: Still Thick As A Brick (2021)
Label/Distribution: Madvedge

With REFLECTION CLUB, multi-instrumentalist Lutz Meinert realizes his dream of a sequel to the legendary Jethro Tull concept album "Thick As A Brick" and, sound-wise, is often closer to the original than Ian Anderson with "TAAB 2", as our exclusive preview track shows.

7.THE DEAD DAISIES - Bustle And Flow (3:41)
Album: Holy Ground (2021)
Label/Distribution: The Dead Daisies Pty Limited/SPV

THE DEAD DAISIES clearly hit the bull's-eye when they signed vocal titan Glenn Hughes as John Corabi's successor in 2019. Because Hughes unmistakably puts his stamp on the fifth album "Holy Ground" and the sampler track "Bustle And Flow". This is how classic hard rock must sound!

8.MEER - Songs Of Us (4:29)
Album: Playing House (2021)
Label/Distribution: Karisma/Soulfood

The Norwegian octet MEER walks between orchestral pop paths, melodic prog sounds and light Nordic folk borrowings. This mixture results in a sound world worth listening to, which reveals itself anew with every song. An exciting album, whose sound is as wide as the band name promises.

9.TIGER MOTH TALES - Blackbird (3:36)
Album: The Whispering Of The World (2020)
Label/Distribution: White Knight/Just For Kicks

Less is more, Peter Jones thought when he started working on the sixth album of his one-man project TIGER MOTH TALES. Jones' emotional voice and his playing on the grand piano are the focus here, and a string quintet provides the special touch - like on the poetic "Blackbird".

10.RING VAN MÖBIUS - The Möbius Ring (8:59)
Album: The 3rd Majesty (2020)
Label/Distribution: Apollon/Soulfood

On the throne of extinct prog gods - especially ELP and VdGG - the Norwegians around the thunder god/key virtuoso Thor Erik Helgesen create a work of great radiance. The organ chords roll like cascades of fire to accentuated bass and explosive drums and end in a crescendo like on "The Möbius Ring".