The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 99

21. August 2018


1. RIVERSIDE - Lament (6:07) / Exclusive!
album: Wasteland (2018)
label/distribution: InsideOut/Sony

On their seventh studio album "Wasteland" - the first without guitarist Piotr Grudziński, who died in 2016 - the Polish Art'n'Progrocker RIVERSIDE sound even more melancholic than usual. "Lament" is to be understood not only as a lament, but at the same time as rebelling against one's own fate.

2. MYSTERY - Where Dreams Come Alive (7:26)
Album: Lies And Butterflies (2018)
Label/Distribution: Unicorn Digital/Just For Kicks

If you like Prog with melodic Styx colours, MYSTERY is the perfect place for you. On their new work they have created great longtracks again. "Where Dreams Come Alive" combines Steve Rothery's emotional guitar with Chris Squire memory bass and Dennis DeYoung's high vocals.

3. THE PINEAPPLE THIEF - Far Below (4:29)
Album: Dissolution (2018)
Label/Distribution: Kscope/Edel

The influence of master drummer Gavin Harrison can be seen quite clearly on the new album of the British new-art rock band THE PINEAPPLE THIEF. Since mastermind Bruce Soord seems to be driven by the creativity of the new drummer, melancholic songs like "Far Below" gain in complexity.

4. SOUTHERN EMPIRE - Goliath's Moon (edit) (3:48)
Album: Civilisation (2018)
Label/Distribution: GEP/Soulfood

"Short and crisp" is not the motto of the longtrack specialists at SOUTHERN EMPIRE. But on no other song on their current album do the Australians around keyboarder Sean Timms bring their strengths so to the point: a lot of energy, a good shot of hardness, pure joy of playing and a powerful hookline.

5. FUCHS - The Invisible Man (edit) (4:51)
Album: Station Songs (2018)
Label/Distribution: Tempus Fugit/SPV

With his third work "Station Songs", multi-instrumentalist Hansi FUCHS wants to encourage people to take a closer look behind human facades. Inspired by Genesis, as you can see in this song, his art rock is more complex and dynamic, but remains relaxed and pleasing.

6. THE VINTAGE CARAVAN - Reflections (4:13)
Album: Gateways (2018)
Label/Distribution: Nuclear Blast/Warner

The next eruption comes via THE VINTAGE CARAVAN again from Iceland. With their fourth album, the trio repeatedly sets the bar high with regard to classical retro hardrocks with catchy qualities, which is then also confirmed quite casually and extremely casually with the snappy "Reflections"

7. SKYHARBOR - Dim (4:59)
album: Sunshine Dust (2018)
label/distribution: eOne/Good Fight/SPV

With its atmospheric and hookline-heavy progmetal, SKYHARBOR is located between TesseracT and Haken. On "Sunshine Dust", their third album, the Indians work together with the American singer Eric Emery for the first time. He unmistakably puts his stamp on song grenades like "Dim". (RELEASE: 7.9.)

8. BLACK SPACE RIDERS - Walls Away (4:01)
Album: Amoretum Vol. 2 (2018)
Label/Distribution: BSR/Cargo

BLACK SPACE RIDERS are a bank - also on their sixth album. Without neglecting their Heavy Spacerock, which they master so excellently, the people of Münster extend their feelers into neighbouring genres like Metal, Punk, Indie and Jamrock. The expansion of horizons is particularly successful with the hymn-like "Walls Away"

9. YUSUF SAHILLI - In Gutter (4:05)
Album: Atoms & The Void (2018)
Label/Distribution: Musszo/Kontor New Media

The Berlin musician YUSUF SAHILLI finds his own niche between Indie Rock, Nu Folk and Global Pop on his debut "Atoms & The Void". "In Gutter" refers to a quote by Oscar Wilde:"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at stars." A ray of hope in chaotic times!

10. THE RECORD COMPANY - You And Me Now (5:53)
Album: All Of This Life (2018)
Label/Distribution: Concord/Universal

THE RECORD COMPANY, a trio from L.A., rocks on "All Of This Life" mostly untiringly earthy. But Messrs Vos, Stiff and Cazorla also skillfully capture the blues and quieter moments in the life of the hectic modern man - like in this dreamy, timeless ballad of longing.