The Austrians MOTHER'S CAKE present with "Cyberfunk!" a wonderful, wicked mixtape

1. October 2020

Mothers Cake

Die Österreicher MOTHER’S CAKE legen mit „Cyberfunk!“ ein wunderbares, abgefahrenes Mixtape vor

In 2008 Mother's Cake were founded. The Austrian trio has made a handful of releases with a mix of hard rock, psychedelic and funk. But the new album "Cyberfunk!" puts everything they have done so far in the shade and comes up with a special concept. Drummer Jan Haußels was available to answer questions.

eclipsed: Which feeling do you have shortly after the completion of the new album?

Jan Haußels: We are super proud of it. The studio sessions in Mannheim were productive and creative. We wrote it together, even though most of it was done by our singer Yves Krismer.

eclipsed: "Cyberfunk!" seems to go even further into stylistic breadth than your previous albums.

Haußels: That is also due to the concept behind the album. It should be a mixtape from an imaginary person. This character records different songs on a cassette tape, and so different styles come together. Since he is always re-recording, snippets of the old recordings are left over. You can hear these snippets on the album. They connect our songs like glue.

eclipsed: What is the core of your music?

Haußels: Cyberfunk! We celebrate this term. We are hard, funky, psychedelic.

Mother's Cake - Love Your Smell

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