The band history of the MOVING OOS is as complicated as it is strange

25. June 2020

Moving Oos

Die Bandgeschichte der MOVING OOS ist so kompliziert wie seltsam

The Moving Oos were already quite successful in the first decade of the new millennium, but for some inexplicable reason and after three albums, they have taken leave in 2010. The fact that the three main musicians Per Borten, Frank Reppen and Haakon-Marius Pettersen do not reinvent rock'n roll on the side or full-time with bands like Spidergawd or Cadillac, Blood On Wheels and Turbonegro, but they do make it a little more interesting and exciting, may have been one of many reasons for the end of the band. In 2019, however, a reunion took place, and the project has been on stage with eight musicians ever since.

"The story of The Moving Oos is a strange one," Per Borten admits openly. "The formation was formed back then to play as an accompanying band for bigger artists who give bigger events in Trondheim. Then we simply recorded the first album. Then Norwegian radio became aware of us and played our three singles for a year. Suddenly we had to take things seriously, which surprised us, because it was actually not a real band in the usual sense. As a result, we were destined to screw it all up within three years. And now, for the first time, it's actually a real group of people who really want to be on stage together!"

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