BETH HART & JOE BONAMASSA "Coffee's bad for your voice"

8. March 2018

Beth Hart Joe Bonamassa

BETH HART & JOE BONAMASSA "Coffee's bad for your voice"

In the darn seventh year of their collaboration, "Black Coffee" is the third studio work of the unequal couple Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa. There she is, carrying her heart on her tongue and unable to give any 08/15 interviews, and there he is, the jack-of-all-trades of blues rock, who would like to be perceived as Eric Clapton of modern times. eclipsed Bonamassa said hello to Beth Hart on the sidelines of his London concert with Black Country Communion Concerts. The magazine spoke at length with Beth Hart.

Beth Hart's career stagnated when Joe Bonamassa recorded soul and rhythm & blues classics with her for the first time in 2011. Although the singer had released "My California" the year before, a great ballad work in the field of rockpop, the star who made the "LA Song" shine in 1999 did not come from the spot. Hart played shows in front of a few hundred people. Yesterday's snow.

"Don't Explain" with Bonamassa suddenly changed the situation. The subsequent "Seesaw" (2013) ignited even more strongly. Bonamassas solo career has meanwhile taken off into ever higher spheres. The charisma of his name and the success of his collaboration also extended to the sale of Hart's blues-soaked solo albums. Half empty clubs have become full halls again. Good, because Beth Hart is probably the best thing that has happened to blues rock since Janis Joplin.

eclipsed: Are you satisfied with Black Coffee?

Beth Hart: With Joe and the band - yes! With me - no. I did a few songs quite well, but with others I think I could have sung better.

eclipsed: What exactly is missing from your performance?

Hart: Sometimes I have the feeling that I am not satisfied with the whole thing. It's fun to listen to the band and the guys tell me they love my vocals but I can't always really believe it. Especially with the more jazzy numbers I could have done it even better.

eclipsed: Isn't that high level whining?

Hart: You're probably right. I think the album is good, but I always think I could have been better.

eclipsed: Do you feel your performance on stage better than in the studio?

Hart: I often feel more comfortable in front of an audience, I get the energy of the audience and that spurs me on.

eclipsed: Do you have stage fright?

Hart: That used to be worse. Meanwhile I'm a bit tingly before I go on stage, but that's over relatively quickly. The stage is my home.

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