BLUE ÖYSTER CULT - The journey continues

15. October 2020

Blue Öyster Cult

BLUE ÖYSTER CULT - Die Reise geht weiter

For 53 years in rock orbit, for 49 years under the name Blue Öyster Cult - you can take a 19-year studio album break. As a "tour band", however, the hard and classic rockers from Long Island, New York, were always active. Lead guitarist and singer Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser, who has been directing BÖC's destiny since 1967, provides information about the new album

"Curse Of The Hidden Mirror" (2001) and "Heaven Forbid" (1998), the direct predecessors of the new "The Symbol Remains", are not necessarily must-have albums. Many works of the eighties ("Cultösaurus Erectus", 1980, or "Imaginos", 1988), on the other hand, were musically high class, but disappointed in commercial terms. Thus, for decades Blue Öyster Cult have been better known as a band that has been giving grandiose concerts worldwide with their great single successes from the seventies such as "Godzilla", "Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll" and "(Don't Fear) The Reaper". "The Symbol Remains" now reconciles, because it contains almost all BÖC trademarks, from classical heavy riffs to irresistible melodies

eclipsed: After almost six decades in the rock business, do you still need a "pat on the back" when a new album is released?

Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser: I am personally pleased with the result. Especially because the pressure on a band that never quit and yet hasn't been in the studio for almost two decades is great. But we didn't let ourselves get carried away and delivered what we wanted. But a counter question: If you don't want to pat me on the back, how do you assess the album?

eclipsed: As a journalist I know to classify the album as a good old work, as a BÖC-fan I enjoy listening to new songs in the typical BÖC style. It doesn't broaden my or your musical spectrum, but my fan's heart beats faster in view of the album and especially songs like "That Was Me", "Box In My Head" or "Secret Road".

Roeser: I can live well with this answer. The band and above all Eric Bloom (singer and rhythm guitarist since 1969; author's note) and I - we are at an age where you don't completely reinvent yourself.

eclipsed: Almost two decades without new songs: Didn't you accumulate a lot of song material there?

Roeser: Of course there are song ideas on the album that you had a few years ago, but basically they are fresh numbers. In other words: Without a new album project I'm not very busy.

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