BLUES PILLS - "We think that we now know exactly what we want ourselves"

10. August 2020

Blues Pills

BLUES PILLS - „Wir denken, dass wir nun selbst genau wissen, was wir wollen“

A band has found itself new: "Holy Moly!" is the third longplayer of the Blues Pills, and this time they had the ambition and the know-how to do and produce almost everything themselves. In two phone calls with frontwoman Elin Larsson at the beginning of the year and a few weeks ago, they not only talked about the new album to be released on August 21st, but also about the departure of guitarist Dorian Sorriaux and his band-internal successor.

After the departure of drummer Cory Berry in 2014 and guitarist Dorian Sorriaux in November 2018, the blues and hard rock troupe will consist of drummer André Kvarnström and bassist Kristoffer Schander in addition to singer Larsson and Zack Anderson, who switched from bass to guitar. Musically, however, these line-up changes had far less impact than one might think. Especially Sorriaux' role in the band was obviously overestimated by the outside world. This was partly due to the fact that he spoke out in interviews about the band's releases almost as often as Larsson. Not infrequently, the singer praised the guitarist over the green clover and emphasized how proud she was to stand next to him on stage. In retrospect, this looks something like a soccer manager's confession to his coach, before he is replaced hours later.

eclipsed: In the last detailed interview for the album "Lady In Gold" you were still raving about Dorian, and also during the conversations and meetings afterwards you always gave the impression that he was a constant and important part of the band. And now he hasn't been around for some time. Was all that just healing world talk, and must one now be afraid to be praised by you?

Elin Larsson: (laughs) When I praise your magazine, I mean it. You already had us on screen at the time of our [second, note] EP 2013 - that's what connects. Besides, you are well-disposed towards us and yet you have a critical attitude, that always brings something to a band.

eclipsed: And what about the talented curly-haired man?

Larsson: I don't know when the whole thing started to drift apart. You once told me, or rather Dorian, that you had the feeling that his guitar playing had become less and less important over the years. I didn't see it that way at the time, but it was probably the beginning of that development. Dorian had just turned 17 when we discovered him for the band, so he was a lot younger than us. I think musically he just evolved because of us. That happens in the best families or bands. He now wants to develop himself solo and express himself musically

eclipsed: He couldn't do that inside the Blues Pills?

Larsson: He has not contributed a single song to the band's music. Since we found him so great as a virtuoso musician, it didn't bother anyone at first. Zack and I wrote the songs, he refined them with his guitar playing, that was one of the recipes for success in our early years. I think he didn't really feel comfortable with us and our music anymore, so his contribution became less and less.

eclipsed: This all sounds like a friendly breakup, though. But let me ask you the other way round: Do you still have personal contact with him?

Larsson: No.

eclipsed: Does he still live in Örebro?

Larsson: I think he is back in France, but I don't know for sure.

eclipsed: That sounds as definitive as when you broke up with Cory Berry.

Larsson: I have no contact with him either.


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