BLUES PILLS - We want more, we want more

15. November 2017

Blues Pills

BLUES PILLS - We want more, we want more

The front row of the Blues Pills was completely ready to talk, as she knows that "Lady In Gold: Live In Paris", which she recorded in October 2016 in the Halle Le Trianon in front of 1200 enthusiastic fans and which will be released on November 3rd as Blu-ray or DVD plus double CD, is her best live product so far.

But the home advantage spoke for an interview with Dorian Sorriaux, Blues Pills' French guitarist. Swedish colleague Elin Larsson says about him: "There will come a day when I will proudly claim to have played with Dorian in a band"

And US bassist Zack Anderson adds: "When Cory [Berry; original drummer fired in 2014], Elin and I discovered Dorian back then, we knew he'd make the difference." Besides Sorriaux, Anderson and Larsson, Berry's successor André Kvarnström and keyboardist and rhythm guitarist Rickard Nygren were on stage during the "Lady In Gold" tour.

eclipsed: The first time that the Blues Pills played their way into the public consciousness with a concert was at the Rockpalast-Crossroads-Festival.

Dorian Sorriaux: That was in Bonn in 2013. A real chance to present ourselves.

eclipsed: Do you watch recordings again later, or is a band like you only in forward gear?

Sorriaux: Only five years have passed since then. It's amazing how much speed the band has taken. No, it's not time to look back yet.

eclipsed: Whereby the Rockpalast also recorded your gig at this year's Rock-Hard-Festival.

Sorriaux: Right, it would be exciting to compare these two gigs in detail.

eclipsed: What is for you the main difference between your shows then and now?

Sorriaux: As a band, we've become more and more in tune with each other. A lot has to happen that it throws us off track and we offer a bad show.

Lest mehr im eclipsed Nr. 195 (11-2017).