The busy RAY WILSON recently gave concerts against an impressive backdrop in Dessau and Poznan

1. November 2018

Ray Wilson Genesis

Der umtriebige RAY WILSON gab zuletzt Konzerte vor eindrucksvoller Kulisse in Dessau und Posen

His latest live release "ZDF @ Bauhaus" shows Ray Wilson in an intimate atmosphere at the Bauhaus Dessau. The former singer of Stiltskin and Genesis has adapted to the art-historical environment with his performance on April 17 of this year and presented a straightforward unplugged set. On the occasion of his fiftieth birthday on 8 September, the Scotsman then performed at another unusual location, the neo-Romanesque residence palace of his adopted country of Poznan, where he celebrated with fans from all over the world.

eclipsed: How did the appearance in the context of the event series "zdf @ bauhaus" come about?

Ray Wilson: I was on tour and was asked if I could fill in for another band [My Indigo by Within-Temptation singer Sharon den Adel; Note]. So we literally integrated it into the tour plan at the last minute. Everything happened at the last minute, which was part of the magic.

eclipsed: What was special about this performance?

Ray Wilson: We were actually prepared for an electric set, but when we arrived there, we realized that a more acoustic performance was more appropriate in this ambience. It was then a very intimate show with special unplugged versions in a special place with great sound and great film crew.

eclipsed: As a live artist you present either electric gigs, classic Genesis shows or acoustic evenings with a mixed setlist.

Wilson: Right, these shows are very different from each other. I have sixty pieces as a basis, and some of them are therefore available in three versions: Trio, rock band, classic. When you tour as much as I do, it's nice to be able to change things.

eclipsed: How much have your versions of Genesis songs changed over the years? At the Bauhaus, for example, you played a very nice acoustic version of "Follow You Follow Me" with violin, piano and guitar, or "That's All" with a strong saxophone solo.

Wilson: Yeah, you describe it pretty well. In "Solsbury Hill" by Peter Gabriel, for example, we added a flute. But first of all these are obviously - no matter in which interpretation - great songs. But they also fit perfectly to my own pieces.

Ray Wilson | "Lemon Yellow Sun" (ZDF@Bauhaus)

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