CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX - "If you listen to our albums, you will see that it is always about the same miserable topics"

16. November 2020

Crippled Black Phoenix

CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX - „Wenn du dir unsere Alben anhörst, wirst du sehen, dass es immer um die gleichen elenden Themen geht“

In their latest work, English post-rockers Crippled Black Phoenix once again deal with the human soul life - this time adding the state of the British nation
Just under a week before the release of "Ellengæst", we catch CBR founder Justin Greaves happily, even almost frolicsomely, in his study. As he tells us in conversation, he is already working on the next album. He also tells us about the recording sessions for the current album and the latest changes in his band.

eclipsed: How satisfied are you with the new album?

Justin Greaves: Very satisfied! But it's funny to talk about it, because we recorded the album last year in October. 

eclipsed: Two years ago, in the eclipsed interview, you said all that crap about the brexite and its effects should go away as soon as possible. Today, the brexite issue is still topical, plus the corona crisis. Dark times.

Greaves: Yeah, it feels like somebody wants to stomp all the bands into the ground. The brexite has hurt the bands, and in the Covid 19 crisis everybody gets some help, except the artists. But what are we supposed to do? All we can do is keep going. 

eclipsed: Do these crises affect what you write? 

Greaves: No, I don't change anything because of them. When we started in 2004, I wrote the song "Goodnight, Europe". At that time there were also conflicts, the EU was almost dead. And today it feels that way again. 

Crippled Black Phoenix - "Lost" (Official Music Video) 2020

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