DEEP PURPLE 50 - Part 4: Drummers, Keyboarder, Bassists

2. August 2018

Deep Purple

DEEP PURPLE 50 - Teil 4: Schlagzeuger, Keyboarder, Bassisten

Deep Purple only know one drummer in their ranks. Also on the keyboarder position the hardrockers only get it to two players. And when you ask for their bassists, strictly speaking only one name comes to mind. Thus Purple form a fixed instrumentalist unit. This explains the homogeneous, powerful sound that has been the band for decades. In the following we portray the drummer as well as the keyboarder and bassists in the service of one of the greatest bands in rock history.

"'Jon Lord on the organ'. When I first heard a live record of Deep Purple as a teenager and Mr. Lord was announced as such, I looked at the organ in the middle of my body and thought,"Such sounds can come out of it That's one of Bruce Dickinson's favorite anecdotes. The Iron Maiden shouter is still a devoted fan of Deep Purple and Jon Lord. Maybe that's why Bruce Bruce, as he called himself at the beginning of his career, never actually played in a band with a keyboard player of the brand Lord. And as a fan, Dickinson watched the handover of the baton from Lord to Don Airey with goodwill:"One can hardly imagine a more harmonious change And indeed, Airey is still considered the natural successor and therefore, despite the great shadow of the band co-founder, was warmly welcomed by fans worldwide from the very beginning.

There was more wrangling and friction on the position of the bassist. Nick Simper, who was basically undisputed in the early stages of the band, gave up because Blackmore could only get Ian Gillan in a double pack with Roger Glover. The guitarist was all the more pleased that he was able to remove Mk. II Bassmann from the band together with Gillan in 1973. Glenn Hughes initially swallowed that he was primarily engaged as a bassist and not as a bass-playing front man, but immediately put his crisp, funky fragrance brands on this instrument as well.

And even the eternal Purple drummer Ian Paice had his predecessors in the early stages of the band. Of course Chris Curtis, the former searchers drummer, who had got the project up and running through his contacts to managers and sponsors. And then Bobby Clarke Woodman: According to witnesses, the former Johnny Hallyday companion was on board for about eight weeks. Bobby was one of the first drummers to play two bass drums. Blackmore and Lord were quite impressed with the Powerhouse, but didn't take into account its distinctive ideas of how the band had to sound. Woodman was not at all satisfied with the virtuoso and progressive style in which the young band wanted to go. He qualified the whole hustle and bustle as "circus music" and was subsequently replaced by Paice, who has been setting the pace in the circus ring ever since.

Deep Purple - Hush

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