DeWOLFF go for the big drama again with the new album "Wolffpack

22. February 2021


DeWOLFF setzen mit dem neuen Album „Wolffpack“ wieder auf das große Drama

Zoom calls are in and in Corona times one of the technical possibilities, so that you at least know what the other person looks like: Pablo van de Poel and his brother Luka, along with fellow Corona member Robin Piso, lounge on a sofa in their studio in Utrecht, Holland, looking a little pale, but the three, between their mid-20s and early 30s, rarely give their answers without a smug grin flitting across their faces. "We take the bizarre Corona circumstances as they are," they say in unison. "As long as we have each other and make music day after day, the virus can lick us anywhere else ..."

DeWolff has been the trio's name since its formation in 2007, and "Wolffpack" is their latest studio effort, now in its ninth year. While last year's predecessor "Tascam Tapes" was a very spontaneous production that was created "on the road" in 2019 and whose tracks were all recorded on a muddy 4-track recorder of the Tascam brand (which singer and guitarist Pablo had bought for not even 50 dollars), the new disc musically stands for what the threesome became notorious for: High-energy stuff with roots in the late '60s and early '70s. "Nothing against the 'Tascam Tapes', of course they're part of our oeuvre," Pablo says. "And that thing has also sold surprisingly well worldwide. But at the end of the day, we're mostly into the big drama ..."

DeWolff - Lady J (WOLFFPACK) 2021

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