The essence of THE SPACELORDS are spacy melodies and powerful riffs

22. November 2021

The Spacelords

Die Essenz von THE SPACELORDS sind spacige Melodien und kraftvolle Riffs

"Reutlingen was a home game, so to speak, and we were really looking forward to it. Finally performing live again is food for the soul," says Marcus Schnitzler, drummer of the Reutlingen psych'n'space trio The Spacelords, about the first concert after a long, long time. Bassist Ekhard "Akee" Kazmeier's joy about the first show in mid-November is also clear to see: "After 20 months on the sidelines, it naturally feels wonderful to be booked again. Suddenly you're standing in front of a great audience and playing live - wonderful!"

This is like a liberating blow for The Spacelords, which, in addition to Schnitzler and Kazmeier, also includes guitarist Matthias "Hazi" Wettstein, since the band defines itself primarily through live performances. Kazmeier: "The purpose is concerts. That's the most important thing and the most fun. That's what it's all about." In April 2022, the band will even embark on a small tour of England, which will include a gig at the O2 Academy in Sheffield. "You don't often play in front of that many people. The venue has a capacity of 2350 people. The concert has been sold out for a long time," Kazmeier says, giving free rein to his anticipation.

But not only on stage, but also in the studio the band has its fun. With six studio albums so far, The Spacelords have found their place in the local space and psychedelic scene. And the new album "Unknown Species" is in the same vein. Instrumental longtracks that, despite their wildness, drifting and sometimes impetuous power, always remain clear in their structure, sound and melodic line. Schnitzler: "Our music really emerges from jams, but we structure them and develop them further until a finished track emerges..."

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