The Hamburg band OUGENWEIDE is a legend in folk circles to this day

25. March 2021


Die Hamburger Band OUGENWEIDE ist bis heute eine Legende in Folk-Kreisen

In 1970, a formation with the idiosyncratic name Ougenweide was founded in the far north of the republic. 15 years later they breathed their last. Although there was a one-time reunion in 1996 with the album "Sol" - but without the authoritative female Ougenweide voice Minne Graw and musically quite far from the former concept and also not very convincing: too much esoteric steam, too little gripping medieval rock was heard.

Olaf Casalich, multi-instrumentalist and founding member of Ougenweide, recalls the development of his former band almost nostalgically: "At the end of the 60s we had the idea to do something like our idols Amazing Blondel or Fairport Convention, but with Old and Middle High German lyrics. At the beginning we were still a sworn circle, a hoard of a few fanatics. But in the course of 15 years we became a real institution. In 1985, for example, eleven people stood on stage at concerts and thousands in front of them! That was no longer an enrichment for the music, it was simply too much and therefore without innovation. So we broke up the band in the mid-80s."

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