HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES - Dance of the Vampires


When the Hollywood Vampires were founded in 2015 by longtime buddies Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry, nobody would have believed that the band would last long. That's exactly what she's doing. The Vampires tour regularly, worldwide, and they now released their second album "Rise". With this they prove above all that they are a real band project in which all the protagonists are musically involved.

Whenever the last opportunity for a conversation with Alice Cooper arose, it ended with statements about the state of affairs of the Hollywood vampires. "Working on a Cooper album with Bob Ezrin is always intense, but no matter who is involved, Bob and I ultimately decide. And we act like two people who write and conceive for the one art product Alice Cooper. The Hollywood Vampires, on the other hand, have a real band feeling, like the Alice Cooper Group did until 1974."

And to live out this band feeling, the protagonists Cooper, Joe Perry and Johnny Depp as well as the fourth full-time Alice Cooper and ex-Warlock guitarist Tommy Henriksen have mucked out their diaries to clear time for the vampires. "Even though Johnny is at a movie set, he often sits down late at night in the hotel, records riffs for songs for our band and sends them to Joe, Tommy and me. I mean, whether I'm on the road as Alice Cooper or Joe is shooting with Aerosmith or Johnny - the Hollywood vampires are an integral part of our lives. That's what a band is."

Their self-titled debut in 2015 was primarily a tribute album to all the great deceased rock musicians, some of whom were members of the legendary "Drinking Club" in Hollywood and London. In the seventies, Cooper, Keith Moon, John Lennon, Bernie Taupin, Marc Bolan, Ringo Starr, Jim Morrison or Keith Emerson tried to drink each other under the table at the meetings at the headquarters in West Hollywood's Rainbow Bar & Grill or in London's Speakeasy. A Rock'n'Roll regulars' table de luxe. "Yes, it really was, but besides the heavy drinking habits that have not only made me an alcoholic, the members of the 'Drinking Club' have made rock music that has fascinated and influenced more than a generation of rock fans. When I approached my buddies Joe and Johnny about the idea of a band with music from that time, they were on fire."

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