HOT'N'NASTY "dying" to perform live again with their new album

16. September 2021


HOT'N'NASTY „brennen“ darauf, mit ihrem neuen Album wieder live aufzutreten

Winner of the "German Blues Awards 2020" in the category "Band". And rightly so! "Burn", the recently released new album by Hot'N'Nasty, is more than impressive proof of this - and they should actually get the 2021 prize right away. "We've received awards before, but you can't buy anything for that, it's something to be proud of, though," is how Malte Triebsch, the band's Dortmund-based guitarist and songwriter, classifies honours of this kind. Unfortunately, the formation (like almost the entire rock scene depicted in eclipsed, of course) was slowed down by the pandemic live, but for a blues-rock troupe of thoroughbred musicians like Hot'N'Nasty, who have been active for almost 30 years, the stage is even more of an elixir of life than it is for many other acts: "Since we come from all different corners of Germany, I also often use the soundchecks before concerts to try out new song ideas."

Even without many live performances behind them, the quartet sounds pretty tight on "Burn" and, as always, is very diverse. "I also don't like it when you already know how the whole album sounds with the first two songs. Of course, you're somewhat limited in the blues rock genre, but often I don't care about stylistic boundaries and let a lot of things flow into our sound." Of course, that's because Triebsch didn't necessarily come into the (music) world with stylistic blinders on. "Musically, I was socialized with the early records of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. Then the blues basically came into my life with ZZ Top's Rockpalast gig in 1980. And from then on my spectrum has expanded a lot. Rock, hard rock, blues in all facets, but one of my favorite bands is still Rush." Okay, Alex Lifeson is not necessarily known as a bluesman, but some guitar tricks you can learn from him even as a blues rocker ...

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