THE INFINITE TRIP - Soundtrack of Life

20. March 2018

The Infinite Trip

THE INFINITE TRIP - Soundtrack of Life

Jules and Pete - two Brits hide behind The Infinite Trip. Already in the 60's the two school friends got to know and love the psychedelic. But it should take until 2014, almost half a century, until the duo released their first psychedelic album as The Infinite Trip with "We Are Like Dream Children". After that, there was no stopping. Eight albums in total were released until the end of 2017, all full of the psychedelic sounds of the late 60s and early 70s. With "Trips Volume 1", the German Clostridium label has now released an exhibition of works from the albums 6 ("All About The Mothership", Dec. 2016) and 8 ("Brain Blossom", Nov. 2017). In the e-mail interview, Jules (vocals, drums, bass, rhythm guitar, songwriting, arrangements) and Pete (guitar, keyboards, samples, programming, production, artwork) give the answers together.

eclipsed: You have released eight albums since 2014. There must be a lot of damming up there. You seem to be bursting with creativity.

Jules + Pete: We also see the music itself as an endless journey. The inspiration comes from everywhere: music from all over the world and from all decades. There are ideas everywhere you look: art and literature, history, psychology, technology, mysticism, other cultures.

eclipsed: You two have known each other since the '60s. Why did it take so long until the first album?

J + P: In the 60s this was our school time. Our interest in psychedelic music began when this style was just emerging. It has become the soundtrack of our lives and it will never pass.

eclipsed: The Infinite Trip is a pure studio project. How are your tracks created?

J + P: It starts with song ideas by Jules, which he plays on the acoustic guitar. Then we look for the right tempo and rhythm to match the vocals. Then the other things are added: drums, bass, rhythm guitar. Then the singing. This is the base. Then we have to decide which leading instruments we want to use and which other sounds we want to integrate. This is one point of the creative process. The other is jamming, composing, experimenting. Production is also part of this. Sometimes the finished track doesn't resemble the original idea anymore.

eclipsed: Your albums have an authentic late 60's and early 70's sound. How do you do that?

J + P: We just grew up in this time and were musically socialized. Our sound is probably so organic because we record our stuff live and only use computers for recording and effects. Otherwise we only use old equipment that the bands of that era used. We have real keyboards, a big drum sound and a clear bass line. Over the years we have collected guitars and synthesizers. Our approach is really the old school. Our improvised solos are recorded in just one take right after the first rehearsal.

eclipsed: What did you do musically before 2014?

J + P: Our first musical steps took place in the 70s. We both played in local independent bands. Our first joint recordings took place in the early 80s. Back then we had a bizarre acid garage punk band called The Timothy Learys. There were also other projects where we experimented with reggae and dark folk, which was influenced by gothic. In the 90's and 2000's Pete was also involved in various electronic projects and played Dance/Trance, Ambient, Chillout and instrumental Space Rock. He also had the side project Shiva Moonchild, which dealt with ethnic electronic dub.

eclipsed: How did you discover psychedelia in the '60s?

J + P: From 1965, small bands who used to play blues and soul used homemade equipment to create sounds and lighting effects. We spent many happy hours copying these bands back then. We grabbed tape recorders and turntables and tried to imitate all the sounds, effects and lights. We had the opportunity and the luck to see bands like Hawkwind, Pink Floyd, Pink Fairies, Cream, Caravan and later Tangerine Dream. All these have strongly influenced us.
eclipsed: Which style of psych fascinates you the most?

J + P: We respect every band that believes in its own uniqueness, is not afraid of experiments and mixes influences from different genres. Early Psychedelic, Krautrock or Progrock took standard music to a new level with experiments and still clearly influence other bands today. We count ourselves among these bands. The term "New Way of Krautrock" is what we feel to belong to.

eclipsed: How did you develop during the eight albums?

J + P: The earlier albums have a stronger influence from the 60s psychedelic and garage rock. That changed gradually towards Space Rock, Krautrock, Progrock and included other elements like Gothic or Science Fiction. We always try to improve ourselves, also concerning the production. Further development is important to us. This is an ongoing process.

eclipsed: Is The Infinite Trip your main project now?

J + P: Definitely yes, and as such we will continue to work on it. This does not mean that there cannot be any side projects in the future. There are currently no plans to do so. The Infinite Trip gives us enough space for experiments, for progress and with the possibility to venture into new areas of psychedelic. The trip is indeed infinite. We would like to greet all bands who are free in their thoughts and open for new things in similar areas as we work. We would also like to thank our German fans who support us. Your contribution is invaluable.

*Interview: Bernd Sievers