Jeff Beck's bass woman TAL WILKENFELD sails under her own flag

30. April 2019

Tal Wilkenfeld

Jeff Becks Bassfrau TAL WILKENFELD segelt unter eigener Flagge

"Love Remains" is such a mature work that it's hard to believe that it's the debut of the 32-year-old Australian: "Debut is basically true, although I released my first album under my name twelve years ago" It was called "Transformation" and was an instrumental fusion album. Tal Wilkenfeld had packed her things in Sydney a few years earlier as a teenager and had entered the jazz scene of New York City via Los Angeles. "No one had ever waited for a little girl from Down Under to play an electric bass. But I was there and I wanted to bite my way through. Later, through contact with the Allman Brothers, I got my job in Jeff Beck's band."

And now the guitarist Tal Wilkenfeld has found her voice. "Jackson Browne, who was also in charge of 'Love Remains', encouraged me years ago to record the songs and stories I wrote on the side and sing them myself. That's why my voice and these songs are clearly in the foreground. And each title needs a slightly different musical arrangement. It took a long time until the album was in the box and different people played along. That's also why there are so many different sounds and styles to be found. But since my voice is at the centre, I hope that it has become a homogeneous whole. And a very personal work."

Tal Wilkenfeld - Love Remains (Official Audio)

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