KADAVAR - Not with us!

12. October 2017


KADAVAR - Not with us!

"For Kadaver, "Rough Times" will always remain the album that was created during the construction of their new rehearsal room, which also functions as a recording studio. Not everything is ready yet in the backyard area in the direct vicinity of several car repair shops. And so it is not surprising that even at the edges and outermost corners of "Rough Times", which is not stingy with its charms, some things are unfinished.

Perhaps the power trio Kadavar will and should always remain in this state. The Berliners of choice with origins in Westphalia, Thuringia and France have meanwhile arrived all over the Neukölln district and offer their media guests plenty of liquid food for album presentations.

"Maybe you should take one more beer to the control room," says Tiger. The drummer is obviously not quite sure of the radiance of the new album. To top it all off, eclipsed puts the scales on the scales that the whole thing should be done as quickly as possible so that we can get down the road on time in the evening to the Marillion concert at the Huxleys.

eclipsed: "Berlin" was a "board", whereas "Rough Times" is a broad surfboard. Was that what you wanted?

Christoph "Lupus" Lindemann: The tiger has always fought with the production of "Berlin". As a guitarist and singer I have always liked the result very much, because I find myself in it. On the other hand, I was afraid that this might be interpreted as the beginning of Kadavar's ingratiation with mass taste.

eclipsed: After all, with the record company Nuclear Blast you also have a strong partner at your side who can bring a band from the edge of the spectrum into focus.

Lupus: Sure, they do a great job, but since Kadavar has appeared on the scene, public interest has always been on the rise. It may be that Nuclear Blast has pushed us up a few steps with "Berlin", but I want to dare the thesis that we would have made it there without help. Maybe a little later. And we think bandegoistically. We do our thing, and whoever helps us is welcome, the rest can stay stolen.

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