LAURA COX - From YouTube star to new rock sensation

12. November 2019

Laura Cox

LAURA COX - Vom YouTube-Star zur neuen Rocksensation

The French singer and guitarist LAURA COX has been rocking the clubs in Europe for several years now and has gained a loyal fan base. This should be even bigger in view of the grand classical rock album "Burning Bright" which will be released on November 8th. At the beginning of this career were self-produced video clips.

Laura Cox started to play guitar at the age of 14, three years later she started to put replayed solos and songs by Slash or Brian May on the net. In 2013 the Laura Cox Band was formed, which released their first single "Cowboys & Beer" in 2015 and toured Europe with their first album "Hard Shot Blues" in 2017. At the Hamburg Harley Days this June she was able to convince record company representatives with her intensive gig.

Without a doubt the "badass rock 'n' roll lady" (O-Ton earMUSIC) and their band belong to those troupes, who give goose bumps one after the other with their live music (see also category Stage Hopping). Before the Laura Cox Band entered the stage at the well-attended Cologne gig, the backstage area of the Yard Club offered the opportunity to talk to the good-humoured 28-year-old.

eclipsed: Your record company and some insiders are already trading you and your band as the next big rock thing.

Laura Cox: We've been doing our thing for a few years now and I'm looking forward to recognition from any direction as long as it's serious. If you know people behind you who are just as convinced of the thing as we are as a band, that can only help. It hasn't exactly become easier in recent years to achieve anything in the rock business and to survive in the long term, I myself have experienced that even though I'm not an old hand. But so far every year we have become a little more successful, which encourages.

eclipsed: And this, although there's some misunderstanding about your person.

Cox: You mean the YouTube channel? Okay, if you have 12 million clicks for a video because people want to see a girl play slash solos, there are probably just as many who don't like it. As a teen, I loved to practice and play all those songs and releasing them on YouTube is perfectly normal for my generation. But I'm being self-critical. It wasn't my songs that achieved these click rates. "November Rain" is familiar to everyone.

Laura Cox - Bad Luck Blues (Official Video)

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