MAGMA - The Day of Erasure

9. September 2019


MAGMA - Der Tag der Auslöschung

Magma, the spiritual vanguard and envoy of the planet Kobaïa, are back. The message they have to deliver to us is stored on a digital recording called "Zëss". With the content of "Zëss" mankind should have been made known decades before. But adverse circumstances and unfavorable star constellations prevented this.

But now we can connect with "Zëss" and listen to the further course of the Kobaïa mythology. Maybe even the end? On her album "Zëss", released in June, the French Zeuhl legend Magma worked with an orchestra for the first time. In an interview with eclipsed, band mastermind Christian Vander, 71, explains what this work is all about and what his plans are.

eclipsed: "Zëss" was written in the late 70s. Is the underlying theme based on spiritual experiences or more philosophical insights?

Christian Vander: A little on both. The play was never performed in its entirety, and certain elements were still missing. At that time I wrote down the text, and when my notebook was full, I took an envelope on which I wrote the text of "Maître des Sons" ("Lord of Sounds") with a pencil. I then lost this text. This year I found "Maître des Sons" again, but not the envelope. At least not the same one: I had a kind of sudden inspiration for "Maître des Sons", and just at that moment I had an envelope at hand again. An inner voice said to me: This is a message! Subsequently, I succeeded in recovering all the texts and the final version of "Zëss".

eclipsed: "Zëss" means master?

Vander: Exactly.

eclipsed: Who are these masters coming together?

Vander: In the story that "Zëss" is about, at this moment a stage has been reached in which everyone has approximately the same level of understanding of the universe. For the finale, the masters have chosen a huge stadium somewhere in the universe, in which they stage a theatrical performance of the last day or night. The "master of language" who then speaks is at the same level of knowledge as the one who listens to him. It's just a game, a theatrical idea.

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