MAGMA - The Day of Erasure

09. September 2019

MAGMA - Der Tag der Auslöschung

Magma, the spiritual vanguard and envoy of the planet Kobaïa, are back. The message they have to deliver to us is stored on a digital recording called "Zëss". With the content of "Zëss" mankind should have been made known decades before. But adverse circumstances and unfavorable star constellations prevented this.

But now we can connect with "Zëss" and listen to the further course of the Kobaïa mythology. Maybe even the end? On her album "Zëss", released in June, the French Zeuhl legend Magma worked with an orchestra for the first time. In an interview with eclipsed, band mastermind Christian Vander, 71, explains what this work is all about and what his plans are.

eclipsed: "Zëss" was written in the late 70s. Is the underlying theme based on spiritual experiences or more philosophical insights?

eclipsed No. 117 / 2-2010

11. April 2014

The eclipsed annual review 2009

The first decade of the third millennium is behind us. What this remains in the memory from a cultural-historical point of view is not yet quite clear. The fog has to clear a little. One thing, however, is already clear: Rock has asserted its position, which it regained in the nineties. Just in 2009 he reaped another amazing harvest.

contaminated fruit

eclipsed No. 97 / 12-2007 - 1-2008

09. April 2014

Destination unknown

The sparrows whistled it off the roofs for months on end, now it's official: Led Zeppelin, another 70s icon, takes part in the illustrious reunion hustle and bustle of modern times. So far, however, without a new album, let alone a complete tour, but "only" with a one-off show on 10 December in London's O2 Arena. But already the announcement of the group's participation in the "Ahmet Ertegün Tribute Concert" was enough to put 20 million fans into hysteria.

JETS The Hippie Year 1967

eclipsed No. 71 / 4-2005

09. April 2014

eclipsed No. 70 / 3-2005

09. April 2014