MARIANNE FAITHFULL has survived everything as a musician

26. November 2018

Marianne Faithfull

MARIANNE FAITHFULL hat als Musikerin alles er- und überlebt

Woe to him who dares to disturb Marianne Faithfull during her afternoon nap. Even expensive flowers don't help as souvenirs. Madame opens the door to her Parisian apartment in dressing gown, pyjamas and slippers, is struck by a fibrous cold and first of all she opens the door to her visit: "Okay, this has got to go fast now. I'm sick and I want to go back to bed." It's actually not good together: wiry hair, reddened skin, sweat on the forehead. She can only walk with difficulty and coughs constantly. Moreover, Faithfull feels disturbed in its privacy. The chaos in her sophisticated apartment in the 6th arrondissement is obviously embarrassing for her. Everywhere laundry, food leftovers, withered flowers. It smells like medicine. Why she didn't cancel the appointment? "Because I need the PR. I reach my audience through guys like you. So let's get this over with."

Whereby "es" is the interview to her new album, which the Englishwoman released at the beginning of November: "Negative Capability" is a mature, a stylish, a worthy late work, with which she should inspire not only her old fans, but also a new, young audience. The sex symbol of the 60s underlines with its 21st record that experience, wisdom and compensated pain are an unbeatable foundation for authentic songs, for music with intensity, depth and goose bump guarantee. "I know what I'm doing today. I'm no longer the insecure appendage of some rock star and don't have to prove anything to anyone. I'm finally myself."

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