MARIANNE FAITHFULL has survived everything as a musician

26. November 2018

MARIANNE FAITHFULL hat als Musikerin alles er- und überlebt

Woe to him who dares to disturb Marianne Faithfull during her afternoon nap. Even expensive flowers don't help as souvenirs. Madame opens the door to her Parisian apartment in dressing gown, pyjamas and slippers, is struck by a fibrous cold and first of all she opens the door to her visit: "Okay, this has got to go fast now. I'm sick and I want to go back to bed." It's actually not good together: wiry hair, reddened skin, sweat on the forehead. She can only walk with difficulty and coughs constantly. Moreover, Faithfull feels disturbed in its privacy. The chaos in her sophisticated apartment in the 6th arrondissement is obviously embarrassing for her. Everywhere laundry, food leftovers, withered flowers. It smells like medicine. Why she didn't cancel the appointment? "Because I need the PR. I reach my audience through guys like you. So let's get this over with."

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18. July 2018

Sister Morphine - MARIANNE FAITHFULLfor Seventieth

16. January 2017

Sister Morphine - MARIANNE FAITHFULLfor Seventieth

On 29 December Marianne Faithfull turned seventy. For the former junkie, who became an elegant dark icon with albums like "Broken English", "Strange Weather" or "Before The Poison", no reason to celebrate. In the sixties, the "mother of all rock chicks" was the first woman next to Nico to celebrate just as wildly as the rock stars with whom she was associated. We visited her in her adopted home Paris for a coffee in the Hotel Costes at the Rue Saint Honoré.

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12. April 2014

Four for Eternity: Sabbath's "Vol. 4."

"Vol. 4" is perhaps the most underrated album of Black Sabbath by the music interested public. Fans and connoisseurs see it differently, however, because the LP with the low association title is one of the most important in the career of the band that is so decisive for the history of hard rock. The fact that the album was released in September 1972 still borders on a miracle in view of the massive cocaine consumption of the band.

Part 13 The great discussion on the present and future of the genre

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10. April 2014

The Maccavelli of Pop

He was one of four in the Beatles. But since 1970 Sir Paul McCartney (65) has been popping on his own account. The result was a lot of hits, but also "Silly Love Songs". So ingenious and jargon - and the realization that pop gods are only human beings...

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