MARILLION - Childhood deluxe

24. August 2017

Marillion Fish Steve Rothery

MARILLION - Childhood deluxe

Fish is in a good mood when we catch him on the phone. And this despite the fact that he has only just overcome a difficult situation. Only a few days before the interview he had to go to the emergency room of a hospital because he had signs of a heart attack. In the end, the whole thing turned out to be quite serious, but easy to treat cardiac arrhythmia, so that Fish gives us information in the usual chatty mood.

When asked whether the Deluxebox, which is also available as an opulent quadruple vinyl, is the prelude to a series of Reissues from the first eight Marillion albums, the 59-year-old artist is cautiously optimistic. "It looks that way," said the Scotsman. "Exact details have not yet been decided. But I don't think that it only depends on the commercial success of the 'Misplaced Childhood' box whether more will be released. There is so much archive material that the fans would certainly like to hear. Why would Warner Music say no to that? But it's not in my power, nor in the Marillions."

In fact, Fish had little to do with the reissue of "Misplaced Childhood", which was originally released in 1985: "As the label boss, I have sole control over the newly released Reissues of my solo work. The 'Misplaced' box, however, is a product of Warner Music, they were the ones who came up to us. Of course I was thrilled that we finally got the honour of such a special edition." Fish is also very satisfied with the selection of the Utrecht concert, which he regards as one of the highlights of the tour. "It's just a pity that there's no usable video material, I would have liked that very much. Because I remember the show very well."

Also included in the box is an exclusive documentary about the creation of the album. "But in the movie, the band and I were fully involved. We really enjoyed filming the documentary. [Producer] Chris Kimsey, Steve Rothery and I went to Berlin to the Hansa-Studios and entered the place of the action, which was and is a very special place, again. It was a very emotional moment and it touched us all."

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