MARILLION - This world is totally fugazi..

07. November 2021

MARILLION - This world is totally fugazi …

The long-awaited sixth installment of the Marillion reissue series presents the album that many fans consider the band's best work: "Fugazi". However, this masterpiece, released in 1984, was also characterized by its less dynamic, clanking-cold sound, which was somewhat corrected by the remaster in the 1990s, but still did not sound appropriate to the strong songs. This has now been corrected in stunning fashion. Reason enough to talk to both frontman Fish and guitarist Steve Rothery about "Fugazi"

We meet a slightly late, but immediately usual talkative Fish in the Zoom interview in his living room. He was still at the hairdresser, says the Scotsman, but he then gets started right away, a coffee cup in one hand, a cigarette in the other, but still gesticulating wildly.

MARK KELLY'S MARATHON - "It's not a keyboard album, it's a real band album"

14. December 2020

MARK KELLY’S MARATHON - „Es ist kein Keyboard-, sondern ein echtes Bandalbum“

What a surprise for Marillion fans: At the band's "Couch Convention" in October, keyboardist Mark Kelly presented his new side-project Marathon - with the video for the single "Amelia", which was recorded at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios. Indeed, the voice of singer Oliver M. Smith brings back pleasant memories of the former Genesis frontman. What's behind MARK KELLY'S MARATHON and the mysterious crashed plane on the cover of the debut album of the same name?

MARILLION - "I was almost shocked how much my voice had changed"

16. April 2020

MARILLION - „Ich war fast schockiert, wie sehr sich meine Stimme verändert hat“

Marillion's album "Script For A Jester's Tear" opened a new chapter in music history in 1983: The first longplayer of the group around the charismatic singer Fish put progressive rock, which had already been declared dead at that time, back on the musical map in the form of the Neoprog. On the occasion of the re-release as an extensive box set, the former Marillion frontman took the time for an interview.

The career of Derek William Dick alias Fish is on the home stretch. After over 40 years in the music business, almost eight of them with his former band Marillion and 32 as a solo artist, he will - at least that's the plan - retire musically at the end of 2021 at the age of 62. Before that, he will go on a farewell tour with his album "Weltschmerz", which will be released this year and will last until 2021. He spoke to eclipsed about his view today of that first musical milestone that once set his career in motion

40 years MARILLION - Of court jesters, fear and the end of the seasons

18. November 2019

40 Jahre MARILLION - Von Hofnarren, Angst und dem Ende der Jahreszeiten

In 2019 Marillion celebrate their 40th anniversary. And also the second incarnation of the band celebrates a round anniversary: "Seasons End", the first album with the new frontman Steve Hogarth, was released on September 25th, 1989 and was the starting signal for the eventful second life of a band that many had already written off at that time. In addition, an extensive box will be released dedicated to the "Afraid Of Sunlight" album, which in turn is about to celebrate its 25th birthday. So there are enough reasons to dedicate yourself intensively to the history of this unique band. On the one hand, we want to pay tribute to Marillion's improbable career, but on the other hand we also want to take a special look at the turbulent phase of reorientation and the fixed star "Seasons End". For this purpose we spoke with the two singers as well as with guitarist and founding member Steve Rothery about one of the most fascinating bands in the world and their 40-year history.

MARILLION - At the destination

03. September 2018


"The performance at the Royal Albert Hall was sold out in four minutes", Steve Hogarth is still amazed today. "The requests for tickets came from all over the world. "I'm still amazed Marillion have such a strong fan base The foundation for this was laid by the British band founded in 1979 with their first frontman Derek William Dick, better known as Fish. With him she experienced her international breakthrough. Ten years later Steve Hogarth took over the microphone, which he has not given away since. Hogarth was (and is) not undisputedly the successor of the charismatic Scotsman. Fish's singing, his lyrics and his stage performance gave Marillion an identity. But in the end Hogarth was convinced by the fact that he didn't copy Fish, but sets his own accents as a singer and stage fix. With him the group cleaned up at the Royal Albert Hall, with him they shone at countless shows before.

eclipsed No. 193 / 9-2017

18. July 2018

MARILLION - The unintended masterpiece

26. March 2018

MARILLION - The unintended masterpiece

After "Misplaced Childhood", Marillion's 1994 opus "Brave" is now also being re-released: as a luxurious boxed set filled to the brim with Steven Wilson remixes, a concert recording and a new documentary. eclipsed spoke exclusively with Steve Hogarth, Steve Rothery, Mark Kelly and Ian Mosley about the creation of a dark masterpiece that has lost none of its fascination even after twenty-four years.

Track premiere: MARILLION "Brave: Deluxe Edition"

08. March 2018

Trackpremiere: MARILLION "Brave: Deluxe Edition"

On March 9, 2018 Rhino will release the "Brave: Deluxe Edition" in a 4CD/Blu-ray or 5LP version. The audio tracks will also be digitally available. Both formats include a version of the studio album remastered by Steven Wilson and, for the first time, the complete recording of a March 1994 concert in Paris, which has been extended by 9 previously unreleased tracks for the Deluxe Edition.

The CD/Blu-ray configuration also includes the original mix of Producer Dave Meegan's album as well as the high-definition 96/24 audio in Steven Wilson's remix as stereo and 5.1. Also included are promotional videos for the album's singles and a documentary about the album featuring concert footage and interviews with the band: vocalist Steve Hogarth, guitarist Steve Rothery, keyboardist Mark Kelly, bassist Pete Trewavas and drummer Ian Mosley. Both the CD/Blu-ray and vinyl editions come with an illustrated booklet telling the stories behind the songs.

MARILLION - Childhood deluxe

24. August 2017

MARILLION - Childhood deluxe

Fish is in a good mood when we catch him on the phone. And this despite the fact that he has only just overcome a difficult situation. Only a few days before the interview he had to go to the emergency room of a hospital because he had signs of a heart attack. In the end, the whole thing turned out to be quite serious, but easy to treat cardiac arrhythmia, so that Fish gives us information in the usual chatty mood.

eclipsed No. 184 / 10-2016

31. December 2016

LED ZEPPELIN - The Last Remaster?

"That's it," my ass! Jimmy Page has charmingly told us about the new editions of "Presence", "In Through The Out Door" and "Coda". With "The Complete BBC Sessions" the 72-year-old Englishman once again enters the Remasters-Ring and adds eight songs to the live recordings from the late 60s and early 70s as well as a lot of discussion needs. We report what awaits the fan and discuss with Jimmy Page the new extended and revised re-release - possibly the last remaster.

THE BEATLES - Always on the move