MARK KNOPFLER - In the ideal condition

23. April 2015

Mark Knopfler Dire Straits

MARK KNOPFLER - In the ideal condition

We're meeting Mark Knopfler in London. More precisely, in the district of Chiswick, in the southwest of the English metropolis. This is where the British Grove Studios are located. Owner: Mark Knopfler. Here he also recorded his latest solo work "Tracker". The 65-year-old Briton, who was not always a grateful interview partner in the past, talks about these in detail and with growing enthusiasm. And he is so relaxed that he also answers questions about the complex of topics Dire Straits, which has been closed for him for a quarter of a century, in a friendly and patient manner.

eclipsed: Your new album is called "Tracker". That's another word for detective, isn't it?

Knopfler: Also. "Tracker" has several meanings for me. On the one hand, I am still and always on the trail of new compositions that delight and inspire me. On the other hand, it is also about the concept of time. Time doesn't stand still, especially not for me. I'm getting older, and I feel that time is getting more valuable.

eclipsed: Does that lead you to do some things faster out of fear that time will run out?

Knopfler: No, I'll slow down even more! Thinking, writing songs, playing games. Also my songs don't suddenly get crazy fast now.

eclipsed: "River Towns is right, well, fast.

Knopfler: Oh yes. "River Towns" is one of my favourite songs on the album. The song is about a young man who doesn't know who to spend Christmas with. I got the idea from a short story by Breece D'J Pancake.

eclipsed: "Tracker" starts with the pub song "Laughs And Smokes And Drinks And Jokes", which is teeming with Celtic influences. How do you decide which song gets which sonic dress missed?

Mark Knopfler: This is a very tricky thing. And maybe that's why it's one of the favorite activities of my co-producer Guy Fletcher and me. The question of which instruments, which microphone, which mixer you use is as important for a song as the question of the right choice of school for your children.

eclipsed: On the new album you write - for example in "Long Cool Girl" - about a new love. This topic obviously knows no age limits?

Knopfler: No, love always remains a fascinating field, no matter whether you're 15 or 65. But you write differently about it when you're 65. Wise guy. Romeo and Juliet phase is over.

eclipsed: You released the song about the famous couple with the Dire Straits in 1980.

Knopfler: I always found this Shakespeare drama funny in the first place. I couldn't take that seriously even as a teenager. I remember my father telling me when I first got heartbroken: "Boy, one day you'll laugh about this. And he was right.

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