MARK KNOPFLER - The Misunderstood One

09. September 2019

MARK KNOPFLER - Der Missverstandene

He's considered a sleeping pill, a buzzkill, a stubborn buck. And Mark Knopfler is actually more of a ponderous sort. He is more a family man than a rock star, he opposes the madness of business prudence and fights with his hands and feet against a Dire Straits reunion. Yet this stubbornness, coupled with idealism and passion, is what makes the man who turned 70 on August 12 so proud. eclipsed congratulates the tall bald man with the dry humour.

MARK KNOPFLER - The thick head

26. November 2018

MARK KNOPFLER - Der Dickkopf

Every two years a new album and a tour: The former boss of Dire Straits is as reliable as a Swiss watch. And so persistent that nothing gets him upset - neither the reunion tour of his old band nor the introduction to the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame. The 69-year-old Scot just does his thing, and that, as his new album "Down The Road Wherever" shows, is still damn good.

eclipsed No. 170 / 5-2015

09. December 2015


five years after the end of Dire Straits, her boss threw himself headlong into a solo career. This has continued to this day. And Mark Knopfler will also do a devil thing to change this ideal state for him after his now released eighth recording. A world tour with the Dire Straits? "Much too stressful!"

30 Years GUNS N' ROSES - Greatness and Madness

MARK KNOPFLER - In the ideal condition

23. April 2015

MARK KNOPFLER - In the ideal condition

We're meeting Mark Knopfler in London. More precisely, in the district of Chiswick, in the southwest of the English metropolis. This is where the British Grove Studios are located. Owner: Mark Knopfler. Here he also recorded his latest solo work "Tracker". The 65-year-old Briton, who was not always a grateful interview partner in the past, talks about these in detail and with growing enthusiasm. And he is so relaxed that he also answers questions about the complex of topics Dire Straits, which has been closed for him for a quarter of a century, in a friendly and patient manner.

eclipsed: Your new album is called "Tracker". That's another word for detective, isn't it?

eclipsed No. 114 / 10-2009

10. April 2014

The next big thing

The new album is here! It's called "The Incident." As with every new recording of Porcupine Tree, the expectations of fans and critics are enormous: The band has long since earned a reputation as an innovator of art rock. Will the album be the next big thing? Or is it a lot of smoke for nothing? According to bandleader Steven Wilson, "The Incident" is one of the best things he has ever created.

Metamorphosis of a Band

eclipsed No. 95 / 10-2007

09. April 2014

Chronicler of the American (Alpine) Dream

In 1988 the band Prefab Sprout made it clear in their song "Cars And Girls" that life is about more than cars and girls - an obvious side blow to Bruce Springsteen and his supposedly limited view of the world. At the end of September the new Boss album "Magic" will be released. A welcome opportunity to look back on Springsteen's career and see what the man from New Jersey is really interested in.

The Workaholics of the Prog

eclipsed No. 66 / 10-2004

09. April 2014