Music From Time And Space Vol. 67

14. February 2018


The singer/organist ANNA VON HAUSSWOLFF operates on "Dead Magic" in the field of tension between gothic, folk, ambient and modern sacral music. In "The Mysterious Vanishing Of Electra", horror lurks behind hypnotic drum beats, with the artist rising into a maelstrom of despair. Album of the month!

GLEB KOLYADIN - The Best Of Days (feat. Steve Hogarth) (3:22) Album
: Gleb Kolyadin (2018) Label/Distribution
: Kscope/

The solo album of the Iamthemorning pianist GLEB KOLYADIN captivates with a fine balance between prog, jazz and classical music. Mainly instrumental, the Russian can be supported on some tracks by guest singers. For the beautiful "The Best Of Days" Steve Hogarth has recorded his goose bump vocals.

THE BLACK NOODLE PROJECT - Absolom (5:54) Album
: Divided We Fall (2017) Label/Distribution
: Progressive Promotion

With their sixth album, the French The Black Noodle Project is going into brighter regions and at the same time reinforcing the spherical character of their music. The songs in the guise of New Artrock captivate with their wide melody arcs and the great interplay of guitar and keyboards.

On his third solo album "Rare Birds" the US-American songwriter JONATHAN WILSON processes a painful separation. New in songs like "Loving You" is the production influenced by the artpop of the eighties, with which Wilson deals with earlier comparisons with the Laurel Canyon artist scene.

After overcoming a phase of Depri, David Morris is optimistic again on the current album of his band RED RIVER DIALECT and creates wonderful mood pictures between Folk, Americana and Psychedelic. "Gull Rock is the name of a tiny island on the south coast of Cornwall

I AM THE MANIC WHALE - The Milgram Experiment (7:34) Album
: Gathering The Waters (2017) Label/Distribution
: Just For

Who does a song about a socio-psychological experiment that investigates the cadaver obedience of humans? The UK-Retro-Progger I AM THE MANIC WHALE have the courage for a risky adventure. Musically it is docked here in a wide arc from Kansas to Gentle Giant to Steely Dan. That's great.

SEVEN THAT SPELLS - Omega (edit) (9:47) Album
: The Death And Resurrection Of Krautrock: Omega (2018) Label/Distributor
: Sulatron/

The psychedelic of the 21st century. At least the way SEVEN THAT SPELLS mastermind Niko Potočnjak imagines it. The new album of the Croats is a mixture of psychedelic, krautrock, progressive and hardrock. Partly aggressive, partly revelling. Always disciplined and at the same time bubbly creative.

JONO MCCLEERY - Ingenue (3:53) Album
: Seeds Of A Dandelion (2018) (Release: 09.03.) Label/Distribution
: Counter/Ninja Tune/

One of the most fascinating, because most intimate (and also saddest) cover albums of the last years. Briton JONO MCCLEERY looks back on over 20 years of musical passion and has selected songs that have meant the most to him during this time. Like this track by Thom Yorkes project Atoms For Peace

JUHA KUJANPÄÄ - Kumina (5:20) Album
: To Where My Wings Will Take Me (2017) Label/Distribution
: Eclipse/Galileo MC

With "To Where My Wings Will Take Me" the Finnish pianist/composer JUHA KUJANPÄÄ takes us on a fascinating journey. Artpop, folklore and prog are skillfully mixed. In "Kumina" Kujanpää enchants with Balkan flair before a Bouzouki awakens memories of the last holiday in Greece.

THE INFINITE TRIP - Enigma Vibration (7:40) Album
: Trips Volume 1 (2018) Label/Distribution

The psychedelic matured in the minds of THE INFINITE TRIP for almost 50 years until his debut album finally appeared in 2014. Since then album after album follows. The British seem to be permanently kissed by the muse and deliver a hypnotic, gentle psych version that revives the late 60s and early 70s.