Music From Time And Space Vol.66

20. November 2017


KOYO - Strange Bird In The Sky (5:36)
Album: Koyo (2017)
Label/Distribution: 88 Watt/Cargo

A promising opener that makes you want a whole world, which reveals itself in the following three quarters of an hour. Keyboards, drums, guitar and sounds of birds condense to a modern Proghymne, which even Porcupine tree standards messes up. Great cinema and an even greater promise

BLIND EGO - Never Escape The Storm (live) (7:56)
Album: Liquid Live (CD/DVD) (2017)
Label/Distribution: Gentle Art Of Music/Soulfood

RPWL's Kalle Wallner offers us full live power with his solo project Blind Ego. The open-air gig on the Loreley, from which this recording was taken, was a very exciting one. Here rain clouds poured over the amphitheatre congenially to the title. Metallic melodic / art / hard rock, virtuoso, dynamic - literally electrically charged.

MONARCH TRAIL - Missing (6:25)
Album: Sand (2017)
Label/Distribution: Monarch Trail/Just For Kicks

A Mellotron completely in the sense of the Moody Blues - and not unlike the sound of a music box - rings in this musical epitome of Prog harmony. Like on the complete "Sand" album the keyboards sound is in the foreground, it resembles the dynamics of melodic luminaries like Genesis and BJH. Wonderfully monumental!

AGUSA - Sorgenfri (4:58)
Album: Agusa (2017)
Label/Distribution: The Laser's Edge/Alive

Flute, organ, Swedish folk, a little psychedelic, a lot of melancholy and a lot of closeness to nature - this is how the Malmö retro-prog quintet AGUSA presents themselves on their third album. "Sorgenfri" is a bit brighter and could also come from a good-humoured Canterbury or Krautrock band.

BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE - My Country 'Tis Of They People You're Dying (5:34)
Album: Medicine Songs (2017)
Label/Distribution: True North/Alive

At the set age of 76 years, the veteran of the protest song is still combative as in the 1960s. This is proven by this mixture of rearranged classics and new compositions, which captivates above all by their highly exciting embedding in the traditional music of the Canadian natives. Album of the month!

KILBEY KENNEDY - Glow And Fade (4:30)
Album: Glow And Fade (2017)
Label/Distribution: Golden Robot/Soulfood

An incredibly flowing album that strongly reminds of early Porcupine Tree acts of brilliance. Wonderfully hypnotic with luxuriant sounds, typical floy guitar included. The title track is exemplary, on the album modern electronic atmospheres as well as acoustic moments differentiate.

TRINITY XPERIMENT - Anaesthesia Suite (edit) (7:35)
Album: Anaesthesia (2017)
Label/Distribution: Timelock/Afraid Of Sunlight/Cargo

On the second work "Anaesthesia", TRINITY XPERIMENT demonstrate their dreamlike, confident interplay, because the seven instrumental pieces are all based on improvisations. In the "Anaesthesia Suite" guitarist Franz Holtmann and bassist Gudze (H-Blockx) take off to soloistic heights.

SCHIZOFRANTIK - Satan And Death Separated By Sin (12:52)
Album: Ripping Heartaches (2017)
Label/Distribution: Gentle Art Of Music/Soulfood

They have become more serious, the avant-garde proggers SCHIZOFRANTIK. In addition to songs with almost philosophical lyrics, "Ripping Heartaches" also features several instrumentals, including the furiously demanding "Satan And Death Separated By Sin", inspired by the painting of the same name by the painter Johann Heinrich Füssli.

FIVE THE HIEROPHANT - Seafarer (7:03)
Album: Over Phlegethon (2017)
Label/Distribution: Dark Essence/Soulfood

On their first album "Over The Phlegethon" FIVE THE HIEROPHANT create ritualistic soundscapes between post metal, doom and atmospheric gloomy rock. Representing the style of the three Londoners is "Seafarer" with its lead-heavy grooves and the saxophone solos diving into Hellmouth.

THE SPACELORDS - Metamorphosis (11:39)
Album: Water Planet (2017)
Label/Distribution: Tonzonen/H'Art

THE SPACELORDS jam and they do it excessively. But the most important thing is: they do it in a varied way. The three longtracks of their new album all develop their own identity. Old synthesizer sounds, wild rocky passages, elegant guitar lines and even more. The groove at the beginning of "Metamorphosis" is great.