Music From Time And Space Vol.72

19. November 2019


1. THE SHAKING SENSATIONS - The Frailness Of Your Stem (10:05) Album
: How Are We To Flight The Blight? (2019) Label/Distribution
: Pelagic/Cargo

THE SHAKING SENSATIONS have reached a new level of development. On their third album, the Danes' New Artrock seems mature and relaxed, but has retained its urge for new discoveries. From loud to quiet, dark to cheerful, stormy to calm, hard to tender, everything is here.

2. SHAMALL - All The Answers (9:09) Album
: Schizophrenia (2CD) (2019) Label/Distribution

As always SHAMALL offers great head cinema. This time the subject is even darker: tormenting thoughts to the point of mental self-abasement. Musically all Eloy- and Pink-Floyd fans are addressed. "All The Answers" is a nine-minute maelstrom of electronically padded art rock with hard rock explosions.

3. CRAYON PHASE - The Music Box (8:43) Album
: Two Hundred Pages (2019) Label/Distribution
: Progressive Promotion

A criminal syndicate manipulates a man without memory, uses him for its machinations. The concept album of the Ruhrpottband CRAYON PHASE tells this dark story by means of prog, atmospheric, keyboard-stressed parts and dramatic guitar riffs. Do you think the story's going well? Listen up!

4. JAKOB K. - Dancing With The Moonlit Knight (3:43) Album
: Your Great Imagination (2019) Label/Distribution
: Sireena/Broken

The Swiss JAKOB K. (Jakob Künzel) has recorded his own homage to the blessed Classic Rock times. Reggae and pop are allowed as well. Flaky songs between Dire Straits and Fischer-Z. The surprise hit is the unusual interpretation of this famous Genesis classic as a loose piece of pop cream.

5. TUVABAND - I Entered The Void (Radio edit) (3:43) Album
: I Entered The Void (2019) Label/Distribution
: Tuvaband Music/

Sounds of spheres, into which guitar and bass grooves pulsate, together with a fragile voice ring in an unusual journey into the human psyche. Withdrawal from fellow human beings, isolation in the middle of a metropolis, struggle against a feeling of emptiness - the Norwegian singer-songwriter Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser addresses all this with TUVABAND.

6. CITY AT DARK - Disastrous Mistress (4:02) Album
: City At Dark (2019) Label/Distribution
: Snowhite/Rough Trade

The eighties were not so bad - because they were also sound forming for CITY AT DARK. Once known as RÁN, Laura Landergott and Yair Karelic now manifest themselves in Dark Wave and Artpop, although, as you can hear here, the guitars can also be given a little priority.

7. DANGER IN DREAM - Skylink (edit) (8:39) Album
: Iconic (2019) Label/Distribution
: Virtual Music

Edgar Froese of Tangerine Dream lived for a long time in Vienna. The Austrians DANGER IN DREAM (Alexander Guelfenburg and Robert Wittek) may also create their homage to the Berlin school. Although their melodies are catchy, they are presented so hypnotically that you can "abspacet" them - as with "Skylink".

8. IGUANA - Below The Hinterlands (4:27) Album
: Translational Symmetry (2019) Label/Distribution
: Tonzonen/

"Psych-Desert-Post-Whatever" is emblazoned on the infosheet of the Chemnitzer What-auch-ever faction. And rightly so, because IGUANA crawl with a mouth full of desert sand through the swamp of pleasant sensitivities in Rock. Whereby on "Below The Hinterlands" also a reverberation in the direction of motor-drumming psychosis can be felt.

9. JENNIFER KOWA - Slow Down (3:26) Album
: Slow Down (2019) Label/Distributor
: Sireena/Broken

JENNIFER KOWA, already active in the seventies with the progressive rock band Octopus, now stands for relaxed acoustic sounds, garnished with a pinch of jazz. High-quality texts, interesting voicings and an accompanying band that optimally supports them convey a listening pleasure that is also internationally enforceable.

10. ZONE SIX - Machine soul (13:08) Album
: Kozmik Koon (2019) (Release: 6.12.) Label/Distribution
: Sulatron/Broken

ZONE SIX are back. Oh, yeah! The opener "Maschinenseele" is exemplary for everything that makes up the new album "Kozmik Koon". All kinds of effects, subtle, sometimes hypnotic grooves, tempo increase, wild guitar escapades and elegant keyboard carpets. Zone Six are a rock in the psych eddy.