Old master DANIEL LANOIS leads us to a treasure island of sound ideas

8. June 2021

Daniel Lanois

Altmeister DANIEL LANOIS führt uns auf eine Schatzinsel der Klangideen

At just under 70 years of age, Daniel Lanois meets all the criteria for the much too inflationarily used term legend. The celebrated producer of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson, U2 or Jon Hassell, however, does not want to rest on his reputation, but always breaks new ground with his own albums. This is also the case with his new CD "Heavy Sun", on which he succeeds in squaring the gospel circle with dub

On "Heavy Sun" Lanois takes us to a treasure island. The unusual combination of dub and gospel is original enough, but for the first time an organ is now at the center of his sound genesis. The underlying tone is much more hopeful than on many of his previous albums. "The record is set up as a utopia," Lanois agrees. "Maybe 'Treasure Island' is even more accurate. For example, the song 'Way Down' talks about a city on the other side where we are no longer bothered by the usual demands and expectations. We start our journey as young people with high hopes and have to pay back student loans for the rest of our lives. The album is about finding those faraway places where we are no longer exposed to all of these things. Maybe someday we'll stumble upon that nightclub in the Outer Space where we can all meet."

Daniel Lanois - Under The Heavy Sun [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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