OZRIC TENTACLES - One long highlight

1. October 2020

Ozric Tentacles

OZRIC TENTACLES - Ein einziger langer Höhepunkt

Five years have passed since the last album. A period in which the future of the Ozric Tentacles seemed uncertain. Now the English Psych/Space-Band is back with the new album "Space For The Earth".

Founded in the early 80s, the Ozric Tentacles have quickly established themselves in the psychedelic/space-rock scene. Their unique style - a mix of bubbling, colorful sounds, melodies and grooves - has made them legendary. The only constant in the band, which has gone through countless line-up changes, is founding member and multi-instrumentalist Ed Wynne. eclipsed spoke to Mr. Ozric Tentacle.

eclipsed: Before "Space For The Earth" you released a new album with the side project Nodens Ictus and your solo album "Shimmer Into Nature". What influence did this have on the new Ozric Tentacles album?

Ed Wynne: All my life I have been composing melodies. The stuff I worked on after the last Ozric album felt different. It just didn't fit with the Ozrics. So I chose a different platform for it. With these two albums I freed myself in a way: I got my head back and I was ready for the Ozrics. The time was ripe again.

eclipsed: Five years have passed since the last album "Technicians Of The Sacred". You were busy with other things. The Ozrics have made themselves scarce. Did you have the feeling in the last years that it was over and done with the Ozrics?

Wynne: Tough question. We never had the big commercial success. It's hard to hold out sometimes. But here we are again. Probably the urge to keep pushing forward into the unknown has kept us alive.

eclipsed: You wrote, programmed, recorded and produced the album. Sounds like a solo effort.

Wynne: This has been my preferred approach in the last few years. I work alone at first, the other musicians only join in at the end. Usually in the early morning after a cup of tea the melodies come to my mind. It used to be different. There we were a community and worked together on the albums from the beginning.

Ozric Tentacles - Humboldt Currant (Solstice single)

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