OZRIC TENTACLES - One long highlight

01. October 2020

OZRIC TENTACLES - Ein einziger langer Höhepunkt

Five years have passed since the last album. A period in which the future of the Ozric Tentacles seemed uncertain. Now the English Psych/Space-Band is back with the new album "Space For The Earth".

Founded in the early 80s, the Ozric Tentacles have quickly established themselves in the psychedelic/space-rock scene. Their unique style - a mix of bubbling, colorful sounds, melodies and grooves - has made them legendary. The only constant in the band, which has gone through countless line-up changes, is founding member and multi-instrumentalist Ed Wynne. eclipsed spoke to Mr. Ozric Tentacle.

eclipsed: Before "Space For The Earth" you released a new album with the side project Nodens Ictus and your solo album "Shimmer Into Nature". What influence did this have on the new Ozric Tentacles album?

OZRIC TENTACLES "Technicians Of The Sacred"

11. June 2015

The fans want it. The Ozric Tentacles give it. This time in a double pack, because "Technicians Of The Sacred" has become a 90-minute double CD. For more than 30 years, the band around founding member Ed Wynne, who comes from Somerset in the south of England, has been delivering the kind of spacerock they invented themselves: brightly coloured, bubbling sounds and driving grooves.

eclipsed No. 156 / 12-2013 - 1-2014

12. April 2014

Led Zeppelin in the Mirror of the World Press: 1968-1980

The reverberation of Led Zeppelin is enormous. The band hasn't existed for more than 30 years, but they're still being reported on - almost unchecked. The coverage of her unique reunion concert in December 2007 was indeed just as hysterical as it was during her active reign. This era, the years 1968 to 1980, we trace on the following pages from the perspective of the contemporary world press and send our best wishes to the jubilarian Jimmy Page.

The Soul of the Stones