PARQUET COURTS follow in the footsteps of Primal Scream on their new album

25. October 2021

Parquet Courts

PARQUET COURTS wandeln beim neuen Album auf den Spuren von Primal Scream

With their vital post-punk, the Parquet Courts from Brooklyn are placeholders for that unmistakable New York sound associated with bands like The Velvet Underground, the Modern Lovers, Television, Talking Heads or Sonic Youth. Their new album "Sympathy For Life" is rebellion and party at the same time. A cheerfully biting commentary on the current situation, the disc at the same time makes you long for the sounds of the past. For the Parquet Courts, however, another influence came to bear on "Sympathy For Life".

"The 1990s were very inspiring for us," says guitarist and singer Austin Brown, "because there was this crossover between dance music and rock, especially in the UK. Groups like Primal Scream, the Happy Mondays and the whole Factory scene established a whole new culture. We were fed up with this Spotify bubble that we've been living in for the last ten years, and we were looking for a new socialisation for our music. America and New York in particular have such a rich tradition of dance music, which is what brought groups and artists like Primal Scream and Andy Weatherall on the scene in the first place. The latter in particular was a constant inspiration for us during the recording process. He died while we were working on the album."

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