PAUL WELLER - Father Time

10. August 2020

Paul Weller

PAUL WELLER - Väterchen Zeit

He has experienced and survived punk rock, neo-soul, britpop and EDM. Now, at 62, the former boss of The Jam and The Style Council wants to know once again: "On Sunset" is the most versatile and perhaps the most courageous album of his career - a homage to a time when there was still vigorous dancing on weekends, David Bowie gave the chameleon and Bond films were set to music by British artists

eclipsed: One of the highlights of your new album is entitled "Old Father Tyme". After five decades in the music business, do you feel like the wise old man of the business?

Paul Weller: Sometimes it is. After all, I have achieved everything I wanted - and enjoyed it to the full. Well, I hardly left any traces in America, but I can live with that - I'm satisfied touring in England and continental Europe. I'm also a family man: I have eight children who keep me busy and a home where I feel at home. I don't have to chase castles in the air. And: We all get older. So you have to make the best of your time and try out as much as possible - without wasting it thinking.

eclipsed: Does that manifest itself in your music - or how come you cover everything from R&B to orchestral pop?

Weller: Time goes by so quickly that I try to write as much and as varied as possible. So before I kick the bucket. There's no better time for that than the here and now.

eclipsed: The album ends with "Rockets" - is that your "Space Oddity", your homage to David Bowie?

Weller: Musically determined (laughs). And I wish I had met him once, but I never should have. My wife is an even bigger fan than me - she was the one who wanted to name our son Bowie

eclipsed: What about your current hairstyle? Have you been inspired by the hair of one Mick Ronson, Bowie's longtime sidekick?

Weller: (laughs out loud) Not really. I mean, I love my hair, but it's not a Mick. And my hair's not really blonde either, it's gray. It could be that the nicotine there reflects and causes a color alienation. Only: Even if I wanted to change something about it, I couldn't - because all hairdressers in Great Britain are closed (laughs). So I have no choice but to let them grow. And I swear: as soon as the Corona spook is over, hairdressers will make a fortune.

Paul Weller | Old Father Tyme | Lyric video

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