PAUL WELLER - Father Time

10. August 2020

PAUL WELLER - Väterchen Zeit

He has experienced and survived punk rock, neo-soul, britpop and EDM. Now, at 62, the former boss of The Jam and The Style Council wants to know once again: "On Sunset" is the most versatile and perhaps the most courageous album of his career - a homage to a time when there was still vigorous dancing on weekends, David Bowie gave the chameleon and Bond films were set to music by British artists

eclipsed: One of the highlights of your new album is entitled "Old Father Tyme". After five decades in the music business, do you feel like the wise old man of the business?

PAUL WELLER "Saturn's Pattern"

01. June 2015

His role as 'Godfather of Mod' has long been officially discarded, as Paul Weller has started to move in more cosmic spheres since the 2008 double album "22 Dreams" at the latest. British media therefore like to call him a 'pop alchemist' who is always good for a new, enlightening surprise.

eclipsed No. 103 / 7/8-2008

10. April 2014

The music of the year 1968

Protest, riots, riots - to this day the legendary year 1968 is regarded as a symbol of the revolutionary spirit of awakening of the sixties. No less his music. But what was actually going on beyond romantic transfiguration in the year that followed "Sgt. Pepper"?

Finally cool in the schoolyard