With "Phantom Vibrations" KASKADEUR want to become internationally visible

27. March 2023

Kaskadeur Stonehenge

Mit „Phantom Vibrations“ wollen KASKADEUR international sichtbar werden

The band from Brandenburg began in 2010 under the name Stonehenge, earned a name in the stoner scene. You can already hear in the old releases that here were young savages willing to explore further musical realms and mix different things to their heart's content. "In 2020, the collaboration with Noisolution began, and we decided to change the name. The old one had such a stoner rock appeal, and our music didn't live up to that anymore," says singer and guitarist Enrico Semler. Unfortunately, the first album as Kaskadeur, released in September 2020, went down in the turmoil of the Corona pandemic. "We couldn't go on tour with it. But we still met as a couple to rehearse whenever possible, gathered ideas." The pandemic did have one positive side effect: the government launched support programs and increased funding to help the struggling cultural scene get back on its feet.

The band applied to "Neustart Kultur" - successfully. "However, this meant that we had to keep to a very tight schedule. Some songs had not yet been written, and then had to be 'written together' in five months. An absolutely new experience for me. Otherwise we went into the studio very well prepared. Now we just had to let things happen on the spot. And fortunately it worked out." The band received expert support from renowned producer Ingo Krauss (Madrugada, Lüül, Kadavar, Swans, Nick Cave, Tocotronic and many more), in whose Candy Bomber Studio in Berlin-Tempelhof the recording was done. The band was not only impressed by his expertise, but also amazed at the equipment available there. "There was an old grand piano that we used extensively, and lots of old technology that contributed a lot to the sound of the album."

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