QUEENSRŸCHE - The advantage of the judgment

16. March 2019


QUEENSRŸCHE - Der Vorteil des Urteils

There are some open questions and at the same time some ambiguous answers when talking to a Queensrÿche musician six years after Tate's departure. So that no old wounds would be torn open, we didn't talk to guitarist Michael Wilton, who became the mouthpiece after Tate's departure, but to ex-Crimson Glory member Todd La Torre, who is well received by the Queensrÿche audience as the new frontman. His voice on the older songs varies only a few nuances from that of Tate. He also led the band back to the sound that made them one of the first progmetal bands in the early eighties. Her main aspect at that time was metal. But gradually the second founding guitarist after Wilton, Chris DeGarmo and Tate, pursued a path away from the Iron Maiden influenced initial sound. "The Verdict puts a lot of things back on their feet.

eclipsed: "The Verdict" is an album that is multi-faceted and at the same time sounds like a unified whole. What worked better this time than the predecessor "Condition Hüman"?

Todd La Torre: I still think some songs of "Condition" are very good. But you're right, it's more an album with single tracks and not so much an album that works in its entirety. In my opinion, my first complete longplayer with the band was too much about the individual aspects instead of just playing. I also like it when there are more uptempo songs on an album. This fits better to us as a band.

eclipsed: Short question: Which phase of the band before you start do you personally like most?

La Torre: I don't have to think long: The first longplayer of the band "The Warning" is clearly my favourite album. The band should always be measured by this. The album has strong melodic metal parts influenced by Iron Maiden, but is more courageous and progressive than Maiden. That's exactly my thing. I think "The Verdict" follows the sound of that time without copying it.

eclipsed: In other bands you have not only sung but also played drums. On the new album you can be heard again as a drummer.

La Torre: First of all, I played the drums on all the demo recordings. I don't see myself as a full-time drummer anymore, because I simply don't practice enough. But since Scott wasn't available and I played the demos, we had no other option at the end but to take me as drummer for the album.

eclipsed: Is Scott Rockenfield all out now?

La Torre: I can't give you a clear answer to that question. Scott asked for a break from the band in 2017 because of the birth of his child. We said: Okay, we understand that, just let us know if you want to be back. Casey Grillo of Kamelot then jumped in for tour activities. And he's doing a fantastic job, I think. When we had a few gigs near our Seattle home in early 2018, we asked Scott if he would like to play there. He refused. When it came to the recordings for "The Verdict", we asked again if he wanted to join us, at least as an idea giver and studio drummer. He wasn't ready yet, was his answer. As a member who joined later, I do not have to decide what to do next. I think he knows he can come back if he wants. I can't say if he wants me to, because I haven't spoken to him in a year and a half.

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