QUEENSRŸCHE - The advantage of the judgment

16. March 2019

QUEENSRŸCHE - Der Vorteil des Urteils

There are some open questions and at the same time some ambiguous answers when talking to a Queensrÿche musician six years after Tate's departure. So that no old wounds would be torn open, we didn't talk to guitarist Michael Wilton, who became the mouthpiece after Tate's departure, but to ex-Crimson Glory member Todd La Torre, who is well received by the Queensrÿche audience as the new frontman. His voice on the older songs varies only a few nuances from that of Tate. He also led the band back to the sound that made them one of the first progmetal bands in the early eighties. Her main aspect at that time was metal. But gradually the second founding guitarist after Wilton, Chris DeGarmo and Tate, pursued a path away from the Iron Maiden influenced initial sound. "The Verdict puts a lot of things back on their feet.

eclipsed No. 174 / 10-2015

09. December 2015

U2 - The ultimate live band

The true greatness of U2 proves itself in its live capabilities. Like no other band in the world, the Irish have been able to stage themselves anew again and again over the past four decades, and have captivated even the most critical of audiences. While their studio albums are subject to strong qualitative fluctuations, Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. are still a power on stage today. eclipsed shows why and garnished the whole thing with concert memories of its authors.

QUEENSRŸCHE - Again in the feel-good zone

23. September 2015

QUEENSRŸCHE - Again in the feel-good zone

Drummer Scott Rockenfield answered our questions at the end of July before the performance at the Turock in Essen, while guitarist Michael Wilton a few weeks later swaggered at the Dortmund headquarters of his record company Century Media about his regained musical freedom. Wilton was very focused and always steered the conversation towards the new album, but when asked about Geoff Tate he seemed a bit dogged, whereas Rockenfield wished his ex-bandleader all the best.

eclipsed: What do you like most at the moment as a member of Queensrÿche?

Scott Rockenfield: Such gigs as two days ago in Aschaffenburg or today in Essen. We go on stage without a great concept, just play ten, twelve songs from our back catalogue plus a track from the first album with Todd [La Torre; singer] and a brand new track from "Condition Hüman". It's fun for us and the audience. I feel like I'm 25 again. It's a great feeling.


23. September 2015


Geoff Tate almost seems tame during the conversation. He avoids controversies, he does not follow his ex-colleagues with vehemence any more. All his energy seems to be flowing into his new album and band project. This is conceptually even more ambitious than what he tackled with Queensrÿche. That's bitterly necessary, because his last album "Frequency Unknown", which was released almost simultaneously with the work of his ex-colleagues "Queensrÿche" in 2013 under the band name Queensrÿche, failed most critics and fans, while Wilton, Rockenfield and Co. were praised with hymns of praise.

eclipsed: Are you satisfied with the agreement that your formation now operates as Operation: Mindcrime and that your ex-colleagues have the sole right to the band name Queensrÿche?

eclipsed No. 152 / 7/8-2013

12. April 2014

New Songs from the Black Box

It's actually there, the first Black Sabbath album with Ozzy Osbourne in 35 years! While fans believed that they had misheard themselves when they first announced this pact, they are now holding a recording of "13" in their hands that is not only real, but also successful. And this although Osbourne had a bad relapse into his old drug routine during the sessions. Buddy Geezer Butler gives eclipsed insights into the mood of the band and the processes inside and outside the studio.

eclipsed No. 133 / 9-2011

11. April 2014

We're gonna party like it's 1980

You are one of the last outsiders of the golden Prog era. They're a band for eternity. And they have always been a real drama queen when it comes to personnel changes. But nobody could have foreseen that Yes would release a new album in the old "Drama" line-up after a ten-year studio break with singer Benoît David, who had originally jumped in as a temporary replacement. David, Steve Howe, Geoff Downes and Jon Anderson reveal their views on the revolutionary changes in Yes.


eclipsed No. 110 / 4-2009

10. April 2014

Have you ever been to Electric Ladyland...?

Concerts, press and photo appointments, gruelling studio sessions, growing tensions between musicians, pressure from management - despite all these factors, a new album of the Jimi Hendrix Experience was released in the autumn of 1968: the legendary double LP "Electric Ladyland", the third and last recording of the trio. By the time it happened, Hendrix, bassist Noel Redding and drummer Mitch Mitchell had come a long, stony and intoxicated way.

Back to the Front

eclipsed No. 81 / 4-2006

09. April 2014

eclipsed No. 55 / 9-2003

09. April 2014