REFLECTION CLUB deliver a kind of sequel to Ian Anderson's masterpiece

25. March 2021

Reflection Club

REFLECTION CLUB liefern eine Art Fortsetzung des Meisterwerks von Ian Anderson

"Thick As A Brick" (1972) by Jethro Tull is one of the great concept albums of progressive rock, inspiring and fascinating with its elegant mix of classical, folk and jazz tones as well as the highly intelligent story, garnished with the invented small-town newspaper "St. Cleve Chronicle", to this day. So in 2012, creator Ian Anderson also served up "Thick As A Brick 2", a sequel to the hit album. A project composed of Crystal Palace, Margin and Jethro Tull Experience musicians now also pays homage to the original with a pastiche, docking perfectly with the style and sound of the original and yet convinces with independent songs and story, a transparent-organic sound and an exquisite multimedia presentation including a complete music magazine supplement. Multi-instrumentalist and composer Lutz Meinert, singer and acoustic guitarist Paul Forrest as well as flutist Ulla Harmuth provide information.

eclipsed: How did the "Thick As A Brick" homage come about, and how did you come together as a band project?

Lutz Meinert: It was only through "Thick As A Brick 2" that Ian Anderson gave me the idea to write an alternative continuation of my own

Paul Forrest: Lutz contacted me and said he wanted an Ian Anderson from 1972 with vocals, acoustic guitar and some flute.

Ulla Harmuth: As a classically trained flutist with forays into jazz, folk and pop, I was very attracted to this very different style of music

eclipsed: What significance does "TAAB" have for you that you immediately committed to an independent sequel?

Meinert: "TAAB" was definitely the gateway drug for me into the wonderful world of progressive, hard, psychedelic, jazz, folk and blues rock and responsible for music becoming the center of my life. Beyond that, I think it's the most original concept album ever released.

Forrest: With Jethro Tull I found my voice. Ian's voice matched my range perfectly, and I also have a similar timbre to him.


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