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30. April 2019

Rhys Marsh

RHYS MARSH - Kreative Presswehen

The birth of his first child was a dramatic experience for crossover progmusician Rhys Marsh in many ways. On "October After All", the new album of the Englishman, who lives in Norway, prominent musical guests and unusual optimistic tones can be heard.

At some point even the biggest workaholic reaches his limits. And multi-talented Rhys Marsh would probably even reject this designation. He simply does everything that has to do with music, passionately with pleasure, with 100% commitment. "On my other two solo albums, I literally played everything myself. This time I wanted other musicians with me," he says about the process of creating "October After All".

For example, he brought Arve Henriksen on board, in his opinion "an extraordinary jazz trumpeter", or the saxophonist Kåre Kolve. "Above all, I wanted a real choir this time. Otherwise I might have had two or three different voices and made a choir out of them using studio technique. This time there were eight singers, all from Trondheim, whose voices inspire me." His long-time musical friend Tim Bowness (No-Man) also contributed vocals, albeit via the Internet from distant Great Britain.

[It Will Be] October After All

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