RUBBER TEA prepare a fine music mix from proven Prog ingredients

27. July 2020

Rubber Tea

RUBBER TEA bereiten aus bewährten Prog-Zutaten einen feinen Musik-Mix 

The current prog scene is alive and kicking, as the Bremen-based formation Rubber Tea shows with their debut "Infusion": Canterbury reminiscences, dark crimson sonic clouds and female vocals reminiscent of the Renaissance. Already the album cover with its imaginative colours, psychedelic sunrise as well as animal and fable figures invites to an exciting journey. Keyboarder Lennart Hinz, guitarist Jonas Roustai, bassist David Erzmann, drummer Henri Pink and singer Vanessa Gross explain what awaits us.

eclipsed: How do you come up with a band name like Rubber Tea?

Jonas Roustai: We shared our first rehearsal room with a somewhat rustic plant lover, who in turn used the room as storage space for his rubber tree collection. One day he told us that one could make tea from the juicy leaves ...

eclipsed: Aha. And how do you prepare your own "musical tea"?

Vanessa Gross: Most of the time David and Lennart bring ideas from home. They live together and can compose well together. The "Rubber Tea Sound" is then created by the different perspectives on it and thanks to further ideas from the five of us together in the rehearsal room.

eclipsed: "Infusion" breathes classic prog, from Genesis, Camel, King Crimson and Pink Floyd to Renaissance.

David Erzmann: Yes, since our youth progressive rock has played a very big role in our lives. Besides the bands mentioned above, it also includes music by Van der Graaf Generator, Frank Zappa, Caravan and Yes. In the last few years many more modern and partly jazzy influences have been added

On Misty Mountains/Downstream

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