SCORPIONS - Ballad for Adrénaline

11. January 2018


SCORPIONS - Ballad for Adrénaline

In 1991, "Wind Of Change" was a huge hit with the Scorpions. At the same time some of their old fans turned away from them. The most successful German band to date had damaged their rocker image. Yet melt-in-the-mouth ballads were not just part of the Scorpions overall package since "Wind Of Change": songs like "Holiday", "When The Smoke Is Going Down" or "Still Loving You" showed early on that the band had a knack for soulful numbers. Which is why she has already published several compilations that highlight exactly this side of her.

eclipsed: Aren't there enough ballad albums of you already?

Rudolf Schenker: Actually, the idea for this compilation didn't come from us, but from our record company. What we liked best about the idea was that from the beginning there was interest in new songs for the album. That convinced us in the end, because good ballad compilations have already been made by us.

eclipsed: "Melrose Avenue" and "Always Be With You" are the new tracks. "Always Be With You is inspired by your youngest son.

Schenker: If, like me, you become a late father again, it's a terrific experience that has also given me a boost as a musician.

eclipsed: Other tracks do not appear in their original version. Thus "Born To Touch Your Feelings" comes from the unplugged album "Live In Athens".

Schenker: "This and the new songs not only upgrade the album, they also give it a significance for the present for us. Once again we were able to prove that the Scorpions are still here to stay.

eclipsed: There are some Scorpions ballads that have outlasted time. Which one's your favorite?

Schenker: For Klaus, "Wind Of Change" is the biggest Scorpions ballad, and this song made sure that the name Scorpions entered areas that go far beyond the normal hard rock and rock audience. We had - at least in France - a similar effect with "Still Loving You", my favourite Scorpions ballad. The baby boom, which can be traced back to our ballads, is still something I smile about, but of which I am also proud.

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