Special CD: "Songperlen 1971"

28. June 2021


1.UFO - Prince Kajuku (3:55)
Album: UFO 2: Flying - One Hour Space Rock (1971/2008, CD)

Anyone who didn't "headbang" to this song at least twice a night at the rock disco didn't experience the seventies. UFO's hard rock smash hit with a gripping guitar solo, introduced by a wah-wah guitar, breathes a lot of zeitgeist, but at the same time is also a first hint to the band's stadium era

2.RENAISSANCE - Mr. Pine (6:56)
Album: Illusion (1971/2008, CD)

The first RENAISSANCE were formed by Keith Relf, who already experienced an extraordinary development history with the Yardbirds and also incorporated new trends into the music here. The dramatically arranged and highly fragile song contains playful and lively nuances despite all compactness

3.BRÖSELMASCHINE - Thoughts (5:04)
Album: Bröselmaschine (1971/2021)
(Pilz/Breeze Music/Cargo)

While the first rock musicians entered the arena of the music business, BRÖSELMASCHINE stood for the dreamy and gentle musical approach. None of the musicians plays himself into the foreground, but all pay attention to an interlocked, but airy-folky and jam-like sound with a lot of feeling

4.CRESSIDA - Munich (9:34)
Album: Asylum (1971/2014, CD)

Why CRESSIDA could not prevail in the progressive competition remains one of the many mysteries of music history. The soulful and gentle vocals, thoughtful lyrics, unpredictable passages and the lightness of the performance stand for progressive rock at its best.

5.DICKEY BETTS & GREAT SOUTHERN - Statesboro Blues (live 2008) (6:09)
Album/DVD: Live At Rockpalast 1978 And 2008 (3CD+2DVD) (2019)
(MIG/375 Media) (Original live version: The Allman Brothers Band - At Fillmore East (live), 1971)

Statesboro Blues" was the opener of the 1971 Allman Brothers live smash "At Fillmore East". Almost 40 years later, DICKEY BETTS, who in the meantime has become known for his countless brawls, and the newly formed GREAT SOUTHERN show with how much fire they perform the blues classic

6.OUT OF FOCUS - What Can A Poor Boy Do (But To Be A Streetfighting Man) (5:53)
Album: Out Of Focus (1971/1991, CD) (Kuckuck Schallplatten 11010-2)
(Kuckuck/www.harmonies.com )

The Munich psychedelic rock band with jazzy influences unjustly belongs to the forgotten pearls of Krautrock. On their second album OUT OF FOCUS stand for a rousing drive, improvisations of all instruments on a very high level and the play with song structures

7.IF - Fibonacci's Number (7:49)
Album: If 3 (1971/2014, CD)

Alongside Blood, Sweat & Tears and Chicago, IF from Great Britain were on the playlist of fans of the burgeoning jazz rock at the beginning of the seventies. The massive and precisely arranged horns, but also complex rhythms in the inimitable flow and a tingling atmosphere are unparalleled

8.OSIBISA - Move On (5:07)
Album: Woyaya (1971/2016, LP)

They were the spearhead of African rock and drove the audience in droves to the dance floor. The fusion of African rhythms and jazzy-progressive rock sounds became the model for many bands that followed. This track presents the groove, the "sunshine feeling" and the exoticism of OSIBISA.

9.JADE WARRIOR - Dragonfly Day (7:46)
Album: Jade Warrior (1971/2016, LP)

The unique music of JADE WARRIOR from London is still a mystery. How did the musicians manage to create a mood inspired by Japanese, Chinese and partly African music? The track is like a journey through beautiful soundscapes that change by the minute

10.MAMMUT - Sewing Thread Mammoth (7:00)
Album: Mammoth (1971/2009/CD, 2021/LP)
(Longhair/www.longhairmusic.de )

For original pressings of MAMMUT on the label Mouse Trick Track Krautrock collectors have to leaf up to 2000 euros on the table. The band distinguished themselves on their only album by humour, but also an innovative approach, where stylistic barriers were overcome and transcended

11.MY SOLID GROUND - Dirty Yellow Mist (13:05)
Album: My Solid Ground (1971/2015, LP)

At the end of last year, guitarist and singer Bernhard Rendel, who released only one album with MY SOLID GROUND, passed away. Contrary to the harder rock songs on the record, the track focuses on the literally "dense" atmosphere. One of the most beautiful examples of floydy sounds "Made In Germany".