With their debut, the English newcomers ANOTHER SKY rehearse the uprising

28. August 2020

Another Sky

Mit ihrem Debüt proben die englischen Newcomer ANOTHER SKY den klanggewordenen Aufstand

It was overdue: Another Sky from London are the first band of the Generation Fridays For Future/Brexit/Black Lives Matter generation to get a contract with a major label and use this platform to make their views heard - just like the folkbards of the American civil rights movement and the punk rockers of the 70s did: They serve up protest music for the army of the young frustrated

The debut "I Slept On The Floor" evokes a better world and a society with more empathy and tolerance: "I love that this generation is able to talk so openly about problems", singer Catrin Vincent confesses. "This throws light on all the things we have to face. And I think today's youth are faced with the most difficult task there is - namely to cope with climate change and the rapid rise in mental illness among politicians. Another
Sky, a quartet of former music students from London's Goldsmiths University, are turning these demands for fundamental change into songs. To glowing manifestos against police violence, racism, homophobia and nationalism - not only, but especially in the Kingdom of Fish'n'Chips

British record companies, but also local media, have long been too busy - they ignored the band for almost three years. And in the social media, Another Sky have received fierce criticism and nasty insults. Tenor: Pop music and politics did not belong together. But Catrin sees it differently. "It's all about holding a mirror up to society's face. That's all I've ever tried," says the idealistic young lady. "I know I may not be able to change the world through music, but I'm trying - and there's something cathartic about it."

Another Sky - Fell In Love With The City

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