TUESDAY THE SKY - "I didn't start this project to sell a million albums with it"

TUESDAY THE SKY - „Ich habe dieses Projekt nicht gestartet, um damit eine Million Alben zu verkaufen“

Usually Jim Matheos is on the road in heavier realms - be it with Fates Warning, Arch/Matheos or OSI. In addition, the guitarist and composer also has a penchant for quiet, mostly instrumental soundscapes, which he lives out on his solo albums and with his project Tuesday The Sky. The latter's second album "The Blurred Horizon" was recently released, and the first two OSI albums were re-released at the end of July. Two good reasons for a conversation with the New Hampshire-based musician.

Jim Matheos checks in from home. He reveals that the pandemic has had little impact on his day-to-day work. He is not a person who goes out much or leaves the house often, so he follows his usual rhythm as far as possible. However, like many musicians, the cancelled tours have given him a lot of free time, which he has invested in the new Tuesday The Sky album.

eclipsed: When did you get the idea to record a second Tuesday The Sky album?

Jim Matheos: I knew after the first album that I would do a second one eventually, but didn't have a timetable in mind. With the last Fates Warning album, there was about a six-month break between my recording and the release, which I used for that

eclipsed: Were you surprised by the reaction of fans and media to the debut "Drift"?

Matheos: No, not exactly surprising. If you like, it's a kind of product for professionals, certainly not for everyone. A certain subset likes it - I expected that, and I'm grateful for that. As well as for the fact that I have a label that was willing to release it. I didn't start this project to sell a million albums with it, but because I enjoy recording these albums and like the music

eclipsed: Apart from the parts of drummer Gavin Harrison and singer Tim Bowness: Is everything we hear on the record played by you on guitar?

Matheos: Let me think about that for a second, just to be sure. There are a few synth patches here and there, drums for example. But 90 to 95 percent is guitars, yeah. Usually clean electric guitar signals with a bunch of effects added.

Tuesday the Sky - The Blurred Horizon (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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