Kategorie: CD-Reviews | Genre: Alternative/Indie, Country | Heft: Jahrgang 2013, eclipsed Nr. 151 / 6-2013 | VÖ-Jahr: 2013 | Wertung: 6/10 | Label: Glitterhouse | Autor: WS

The four Danes from DeSoto Caucus often accompany Giant Sand boss Howe Gelb and are therefore something like the European Giant Sand. Their music therefore naturally docks to the sound of the master, but without copying him. So you walk on sandy Americana tracks, without too much effort for country or Tex-Mex motifs. "Live In The Stream" is dust-dry alternative rock, as R.E.M. rarely managed to do in the end: brittle voice, booming organ, unagitated rhythm guitars. It goes on just as dreamwalking. Fading piano. Veranda guitar picking. The title track then lets a countryesque steel guitar sigh in line with the rodeo theme, but otherwise remains in a twilight state at the tempo. "Leaving Odessa" drives the thirsty horses then discreetly with the riding whip or the Gaucho-Sporenboot. "Here's One" even makes feedback and sixties tang guitars scream and reverberated fans hum. Then the desert ride becomes more acoustic and sleepy again. Rarely ridden so relaxed.

Top track: Leaving Odessa

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