PIGBAG - Year Of The Pigbag

Kategorie: CD-Reviews | Genre: Jazz/Jazzrock/Fusion, Artpop/Pop | Heft: Jahrgang 2013, eclipsed Nr. 151 / 6-2013 | VÖ-Jahr: 2013 | Wertung: 8/10 | Label: Bristol Archive | Autor: MaB

With "Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag" Simon Underwood (ex-The-Pop-Group) and his formation Pigbag mixed up the dance floors in 1982. Exactly thirty years after the dissolution of the band, the British, who started their career in Bristol, want to try their luck again with a new line-up. Underwood and band initiator Chris Hamlin are no longer part of it. But with Chris Lee (trp, perc), Ollie Moore (sax, cl) and Kofi Adu (perc) at least three founding members are represented, who immediately set the listener in motion with precise brass movements and gripping rhythms. Cuban Rice (Is Very Nice)" continues the Caribbean line of the 1983 LP "Lend An Ear". But already here it is noticeable that the sympathetic dilettantism of past days has now given way to a more playful professionalism. This is also noticeable in the fact that the eight musicians have enriched groove cabinet pieces such as "Disco Mama" and the funk hit "Out Of Chaos" with jazzy sophistication. "Year Of The Pigbag is a thoroughly enjoyable comeback work.

Top track: Out Of Chaos

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